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Failure to Diagnose Attorney | Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Failure to Daignose AttorneyMedical Doctors have a duty to practice medicine based on the standard of care delineated  within their field. A Claim for medical malpractice can be established if a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose an illness results from a physicians unwillingness abide by the standard of care within his specialty. All too often failure to properly diagnose a medical complication can lead to serious long term injuries, permanent disabilities and death. If you or a loved one have suffered serious illnesses resulting form a failure to a medical practitioner to properly diagnose contact a Medical Malpractice Attorney from the Downtown LA Law Group. Negligent acts by physicians resulting in a failure to diagnose a medical condition: A misdiagnoses of a patients symptoms is one of the most common medical malpractice claims. There can be numerous causes of a failure to diagnoses a medical issues in a patient. Some of the most common cases are as follows.
  • Improper physical examination of a patient
  • Failure to refer a patient to a specialist in time
  • Failure test for a particular disease of complication based on the  genetic and family history of the patient
  • Improper medical procedure on a patient based on failure to properly diagnose a medical conduction
  • Failure to read X-rays, mammograms,. ct-scan, MRI Scans properly
Common conditions that fail to be properly diagnoses my Medical Doctors:
  • Caners: Failed Diagnosis of Cancer, Including Breast cancer, colon, liver, prostates, testicles, skin, and lung cancer
  • Infectious Diseases: Failure to properly treat infections, including Lyme disease, Bronchial Infections, Pneumonia
  • Cardiovascular Ailments:  Including Strokes, Heart Attack, Heart Arrhythmia
  • Birth Delivery Injuries: Inducing preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, shoulder dyscotia, cerebral palsy, and genetic ailments of the fetus during pregnancy
  • Other Diseases: Failure to properly treat autoimmune diseases, allergic reactions,
Medical malpractice Failure to Diagnose Laws Medical Malpractice litigation is a challenging process requiring  attorneys with sufficient knowledge and expertise.  Many attorney may not be abreast of the recent medical malpractice and personal injury bills hat have passed into law. California medical board oversees Medical Physicians including medical malpractice claims based on failure to diagnose.  The powers and responsibilities of the medical board of California are as follows.
  • Review and evaluate complaints relating to practice of medical doctors.
    • Investigate the complaints and make a determination as to whether laws relating to the practice of a practicing physician have been broken.
    • Review decisions that have been made by the administration board and other disciplinary hearings.
    • Carry out the discipline that has been meted out by the administrative hearing decision
Filing a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit – Compensation for injuries causes by a failure to diagnose: Victims of medical malpractice are entitled to compensation for their injuries resulting from a failure to diagnose a medical claim. Monetary recovery for your loss will be predicated on several factors including
  • All medical costs associated with the failure to properly diagnose
  • Future medical costs including rehabilitation expenses and permanent disability costs
  • Pain and suffering and Punitive Damages associated with the injuries suffered – (Note: there is a $250,000 Cap in the state of California for Non-Economic Damage compensation in medical malpractice claims).
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