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Value of a Nexium Lawsuit | Bone Fracture Antacid Drug Side Effect

Filing a Nexium lawsuit is generally done through your attorney. While you are permitted to file independently or in pro-per/pro-se, it is advisable that you speak with an attorney regarding your rights. Here are some important considerations in filing a Nexium lawsuit against a AstraZeneca the manufacturer of Nexium.

What Is My Nexium Case Worth?

Here is how to calculate the value of your Nexium case. Look at the injuries and how this has impacted your life. The first thing you consider is the degree of bone density loss and which segments of your body this has impacted. For example if you are a young adult with serious bone density in your hip or sudden spine fracture, you likely have a valuable case. However there are still multiple factors to consider, including whether Nexium was the sole cause of the injury. After considering the injuries, it is important to look at how this has changed your life. What changes were made? What type of changes were made in your life? Were there life altering changes? In many cases a wrist fracture, sudden hip fracture or foot fracture can leave you with lifelong medical complications. In more advanced cases such as sudden spine fracture, the injured party can have significant pain and suffering. Each of these factors will be computed in your Nexium claim. There is no set figure with what each case is worth. In order to fully understand the value of the case, you will need to review all the medical records. Only after that information can someone provide you with an accurate estimate of case value.

Statue of Limitation May Reduce or Eliminate the Value of Your Case

One of the most important elements of your case is the statute of limitations. A statute of limitation is a set time period for filing your case. Each type of case has a statute of limitation period. This period is the time you have to file a cause of action against the defendant or the party responsible for your injuries. Every state has its own time period. California is a two year statute for filing a claim against a manufacturer for Nexium injuries. It is important that you file your case within this time period. If you fail to meet the necessary filing deadlines for a case then you may be prohibited from bringing forth a cause of action. Perhaps the single most important part of your claim is making sure you have filed in a timely manner. You want to avoid missing any important filing deadlines, which can prevent you from bringing forth your claim.

Legal Costs of Hiring an Attorney – How Much Does Cost For a Nexium Attorney?

All Nexium cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee is a agreement that if we are not successful in obtaining a favorable settlement then you will not be responsible to pay us any fees. This is our NO WIN NO FEE guarantee. We will advance all litigation cost and fees associated with your case. Only after we obtain a settlement will you be responsible to pay us our fee from the monies collected. If there is no recovery, then you are not required to pay our office any fees. Not all attorney operate the same, but this our fee structure for all Nexium cases.

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