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Miramonte Sex Scandal Settlement Claims Near

Miramonte Sex Scandal Settlement Claims Near Attorneys and the school district stated that a settlement was near on the Miramonte sex scandal. Apparently over 100 claims were filed against a former teacher who they accused of sexually abusing the students. The settlement comes as a surprise considering the expeditious manner in which the claims were settled. According to the school district they did not want students to continue the exposure to this issue. Each student would have been forced into a lengthy and potentially psychologically damaging situation if the case was taken to trial. Sexual abuse at schools is often times un-reported. Students are often times afraid or intimidated to bring forward any allegations. They fear possible retaliation by the staff and negative performance marks on their record. If you have been a victim of any sexual abuse in any setting you are entitled to proper representation. Do not let any party intimidate you, you have valuable rights and may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact our office for a free confidential consultation of your claim.
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