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Erb’s Palsy Information | Brachial Plexus Injuries

What is Erb’s Palsy?

Erb’s palsy also known as Erb-Duchenne Palsy is a form of brachial plexus injury. It usually leads to the paralysis of the arm resulting from nerve damage or severed nerves.  The extent of the damage to the nerves will determine the level of paralysis and treatments which are required to rehabilitate the victim.

What is the cause of Erb’s palsy?

Erbes palsy is the result if injury to the network of nerves near the neck that attach to the nerves of the arm.  There are several types of brachial plexus injuries including
  • Avulsion:  The nerve is completely severed from the spine
  • Rupture:  The nerve is torn but not at the spinal column
  • Neuroma: the body has attempted to heal the partially torn nerve leading to scar tissue formation
  • Neuropraxia: the most common form, the nerve are stretched and damages but no tearing has taken place

 Erb’s palsy and Child Birth:

The vast majority of brachial plexus result from birth injuries.  Nerves can suffer trauma during child birth from the infants neck being pulled as the shoulders pass through the birth canal, Pulling in a newborns shoulders during head first delivery, and pressure being place on a Childs Arms.  Birth Complications which can lead to Brachial plexus take place due to
  • Large Size of Child during delivery
  • Breech during delivery
  • Multiple Births
  • Prolonged labor
  • Diabetes of the mother
  • Advanced age of the mother

 What are the Symptoms of Erb’s Palsy?  How is Erb’s Palsy Diagnosed:

Symptoms of Erb’s palsy may include
  • Loss of muscle control in the arm
  • Loss of motor functions of the hands and wrists
  • Lack of sensation in the arms, hands, and fingers
  • Numbness of the arms, hands and fingers
  • Paralysis of the arms
  • Shorter arm length
  • Flexed elbows
  • Rotated arms

 What are the treatments for Erb’s Palsy

Treatment for Erb’s palsy often varies based on the extent of the injury, the age of the child, and other medical conditions which may be present. Some of the most common and effective treatments are as follows:
  • Child Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy including exercise and activities
  • Hydrotherapy (water therapy or swimming pool therapy)
  • Surgery
  • Positioning and splinting of the effected arms including a resting hand splint

What steps should I take if I suspect my child is a victim of Erb’s palsy?

The first step is finding the correct treatment for your child. Contact the appropriate doctors and begin treatment soon.  Keep all the information and paperwork regarding your child birth complications with you. The contact an Erb’s Palsy attorney with the experience and dedication to fight for your child’s right to compensation.

 How can a file an Erb’s Palsy Lawsuit?

Erb’s palsy malpractice claims are filed by plaintiffs that have been victimized and their families and loved ones.  A claim needs to be filed before the statute of limitations excludes the ability to sue.  Compensation for your child may include
  • Medical Expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Future loss of income due to disability
An expert and aggressive medical malpractice lawyer will be able to provide you with the legal representation required to ensure a victim is justly compensated for the injuries suffered. Resources: For more information on Contacting an Erb’s Palsy Injury Law Firm For more information on Birth Injuries

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