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Treadmill Accidents | Defective Gym Equipment Injuries

Treadmill Accident AttorneyTreadmills are a staple at most health clubs across the U.S. and are integrated into the fitness routines of many of the health clubs members. However, at times injuries occur from the use or miss-use of such equipment and health clubs can be liable for your treadmill injuries. According the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 2,600 children were hospitalized from treadmill injuries in the last two years. Health club operators have a duty to inspect machines and notify their members if the treadmill is out of order, or not in a properly working condition. Often times such health club operators fail to notify member of the defective product. When a health club operator fails to notify of a defective treadmill or product within their facilities they can be held liable and responsible for the harm suffered. Common injuries associated with defective or poorly maintained treadmills include back and spinal cord injuries, torn ligament, fractured bones, knee injuries, traumatic brain damage, electric shock, broken nose and facial fractures and lacerations.

Who is at fault for  a Treadmill Accident

When considering fault for treadmill accidents it is important to understand all the facts associated with your injury. If you have been injured it is necessary to understand the degree of fault which you may be liable for, against the liability of the health club for failing to notify their members. If the health club acts in a manner inconsistent with the well being of its member’s then liability can be imposed upon them. However, such liability can be reduced depending on whether the injured party was acting in a contributory negligent manner. Contributory negligence can be implied when you fail to take proper measures or fail to pay attention to your surroundings, or improperly programming the treadmill. Often time health club members fail to set proper settings when they start their work out routine. Such incidents can occur when they set the running sped above recommended levels or adjust the incline to levels which are not safe. In such instances the health club may not be liable for the injuries sustained. In other instances when the health club had knowledge of the defective condition or was aware that the member was not aware as to how to operate the equipment then liability can be found. Our office will aggressively defend those injured in health club treadmill accident and our Los Angeles treadmill accident lawyers are here to help. Below is a list of other common defective gym equipment
  • StairMaster: other step equipment
  • Ellipticals
  • Rowers
  • Nautilus Machines
  • Bench Press machines and fly machines
  • Leg Press machines

What should I do if I have been involved in a Gym Equipment Treadmill Accident?

If you have been injured it is important to take down the names of as many people you can as well as notating the condition of the machine at the time. The names of other members who witnessed the incident as well as any trainers, managers or others who were present at the time of the injury. When detailed information can be provided this will strengthen your case and allow us to better proceed to recover for you damages. If you have been injured our office can do a free case evaluation of to see if you have a cause of action. Our attorneys will help you decide what to do. Contact our treadmill accident attorneys of Los Angeles today for a free case evaluation.
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