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LAUSD Teacher Robert Pimentel Sexual Abuse Student George de la Torre Jr. Elementary School

LAUSD Teacher Robert Pimentel Sexual Abuse Student George de la Torre Jr. Elementary School According to recent report by the Los Angeles Times and other Southern California news organizations former Los Angeles Unified School District teacher named Robert Pimentel has be arrested on suspicion of committing lewd acts including the sexual abuse of 20 children at George de la Torre Jr. Elementary School. According to new reports prosecutors and law enforcement officials the 57 year old teacher was removed from the class room and placed under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department since at least March of 2012. The parents of the children in Mr. Pimentel’s classes were notified of the removal and investigation last year. LAUSD Liability for Acts of Sexual Abuse:  Placing a child in school created a duty in the institution including its teachers, and staff to keep your child safe. Therefore the LAUSD and its staff have a responsibility to provide a safe environment where children can learn and develop into adulthood. More so, school districts in California maybe held liable when administrators and school staff fail to notify parents or disclose physical or sexual assault of a child to parents or guardians. Specific acts which must be reported to responsible parties including parents and guardians include, acts of sexual abuse, physical abuse, molestation, child prostitution, and the selling and distribution of pornographic material. If you have any questions and would like to speak to a Student Sexual Abuse Attorney regarding a recent case of sexual abuse against your child contact the Downtown LA law Firm. All phone calls and consultations with our lawyers are free of charge (855) 385-2529

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