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Mobile Home Park Not Being Repaired By Management

Mobile home parks are small communities that feature a few hundred residents in trailers. The parks are generally preferred because of the relatively cheap cost of living when compared to other areas in the city and suburbs. Generally, those living in mobile home parks own the trailers in which they reside; they may have bought the trailers years before or done so specifically to move into the park. The families will simply pay rent on the lot, which effectively makes them homeowners who are thus responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their trailers. They are not responsible for anything outside of their trailers, though; that is solely the responsibility of management. If you are living in a mobile home park not being repaired by management, you could potentially receive ample compensation if you were hurt because of negligence. The Downtown LA Law Group can provide you with an expert mobile home park attorney to sue the trailer park for your injuries.

Liability in Mobile Home Parks

There are often many questions surrounding liability and responsibility in trailer parks, especially when it comes to management and tenants. Essentially, those living in mobile home parks are not considered tenants of a landlord; they are homeowners, and thus are responsible for maintain their property alone. If they have an overreaching lawn or if the sidewalk gets icy and slippery, they must do all they can to correct the issues. They can mow the lawn or sprinkle salt and shovel to prevent any injuries on the immediate property.

However, trailer park owners do not have to maintain the areas of the park that are shared by everyone. It is the responsibility of the park owner in such cases to keep everything properly maintained. Some examples include:

  • Roads: The roads in trailer parks must be properly maintained to be free of potholes, cracks, breaks, and other defects. These defects can easily cause a lot of damage to vehicles and may even create accidents that lead to injuries. Individuals can trip and fall in holes as well.
  • Street lights: There must be ample street lights or lighting to illuminate roads and sidewalks. In some situations, there have been assaults and robberies carried out at trailer parks thanks to ample shadows and hiding places. The tenants may feel unsafe and may feel that the park should be properly lit.
  • Water mains: The water mains that provide clean water to all the occupants must be working and not damaged or contaminated. Some tenants in various trailer parks have reported discolored, brown, murky, or sediment-ridden water coming from their showers, taps, toilets, and hoses. This water can be dangerous to drink and may contain lead, chemicals, waste runoff, and more. The owner of the park should be held liable for fixing the mains and should contact the city or a contractor to do so.
  • Sidewalks: Similar to roads, sidewalks must be fixed and free from defects. Cracks and holes can cause pedestrians to trip, slip, fall, and become injured. Although sidewalks are generally to be cared for by tenants, extensive repairs can be carried out by the management. Further, some of the sidewalks are near common areas or management buildings, and are thus the responsibility of the owners.
  • Laundry center: Trailer parks often have a laundry center or washroom for tenants to use to clean their clothes. These buildings may have washing machines, dryers, clothes lines, racks, and more. However, because they are used by many individuals, there is a higher chance of broken parts, spills, and more. The owner should always adequately maintain these centers.
  • Tree branches: There are often trees lining the streets of trailer parks, but broken branches, heavy limbs, and dead sections can cause injuries if they fall off onto the sidewalk below.
  • Fire hazards: There is a higher risk of a fire if there are discarded tree branches, piles of leaves, unused lumber, and more in empty lots or in storage areas.

In some situations, the trailer park tenants are not actually homeowners. They may rent the trailers from management, which would make the management responsible for all landlord duties. If the landlord does not fix any water or plumbing problems, pre-installed appliance issues, landscape or yard troubles, and more, then he can be held responsible.

Improper management of a mobile home park can lead to hazards and accidents. You should take adequate legal action to pursue compensation from the mobile home park owner in a lawsuit.

Premises Liability in Trailer Parks

You may be able to file a lawsuit for premises liability if you can prove that the property owner or responsible individual acted in a negligent manner with respect to his land. He must have behaved in a way that raised hazards or resulted in dangerous situations. The points of premises liability are as follows:

  • The property owner caused the hazard or directly contributed to its creation and perpetuation
  • The property owner knew about the hazard but chose not to fix it, repair it, or alert a more prudent entity to its existence
  • The property owner did not know about the hazard but should have, in the way any reasonable owner, landlord, or entity who paid attention and cared to inspect the property would have

Repairs to streets, water mains, laundry centers, sidewalks, and more are the responsibilities of the park’s owner. If a mobile home park is not being repaired by management, there could be plenty of accidents that happen.

Some examples of accidents include:

  • Trip and fall or slip and fall
  • Injuries from defective electronics
  • Sickness from contaminated water
  • Adverse reaction to pesticides
  • Assault and battery
  • Car accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents

As a result of these accidents, you may suffer the following types of injuries:

  • Illness
  • Concussions
  • Broken bones
  • Sprains
  • Dislocations
  • Fractures
  • Internal organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Back and spinal cord troubles
  • Neck injuries
  • Torn muscles
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis

Don’t let improper management of a trailer park cause you to get hurt and rack up expenses. Take action now and file a claim with the assistance of our mobile home park injury attorneys. We will connect you with an expert premises liability lawyer who can handle your claim.

Compensation from a Premises Liability Claim

Victims of accidents due to improper management by a mobile home park owner should be aware that they can receive ample cm0enastoun for their damages. Our team of attorneys will do all we can to bring you the maximum settlement available under the law. We will strive to secure you the following:

  • Medical expenses from the past and future for any surgery fees, medication, hospitalization costs, physical therapy sessions, and more
  • Lost wages from the past and future for any days of missed work
  • Property damage for any lost or broken belongings and items
  • Pain and suffering damages to cover PTSD, anxiety, fear, emotional suffering, and mental scarring

You should not be made to cover such expenses, and if you had to spend any of your own money on the repairs to certain defects or replace parts that the manager should have, we will work to get you reimbursed. We will likewise advise if you can reasonably withhold rent money until the issues are resolved.

Call our firm for more details on how to proceed with your claim.

Why Hire an Attorney

It is highly recommended that you seek legal help for your lawsuit against a mobile home park owner. You may not have any legal experience at all and won’t be able to negotiate a fair deal from the insurance company or from the manager. We have spent ample time arguing for the rights of our clients and we know the best methods to securing you what you deserve.

If you were hurt in an accident because of the manager’s negligence, you may need extensive medical help and spend a fair amount of time recovering. If you choose to pursue legal action during this time, the stress could potentially delay your recovery time or worsen some of your injuries. You may not have the legal knowledge required to move forward by yourself.

For the best chance of success with your claim, you should hire one of our Los Angeles mobile home park accident attorneys.

Our Firm and You

The Downtown LA Law Group has recovered millions of dollars for our clients throughout the years, and we have helped victims of poor management in trailer parks earn what they deserve. We have helped families and individuals get compensation for their injuries after a mobile home park owner has failed to complete his due diligence with the park he runs. Our aggressive lawyers are willing to go to court if necessary to win your case and we will not stop pursuing your rightful restitution until we are satisfied with the result.

Call us for a free legal consultation with an expert lawyer. You can ask us whatever you wish and we will tell you what we feel your claim is worth, as well as what we believe we can win for you. Our attorneys are available around the clock and will not reveal any of your private details to anyone.

Choosing us to represent you will grant you our zero fee guarantee, which allows you to enjoy our services with no risk of payment. We will only get compensated if we win, and if we lose, we do not get any money at all. You will not touch your own savings throughout the case.

For more details on what to do if your mobile home park is not being repaired by management, or if you suffered an injury in a mobile home park, contact the Downtown LA Law Group offices today.

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How to Sue Belkin for Defective Charging Banks

If you intend to file a product liability lawsuit against Belkin, you must show that the company was negligent in some way. Product liability lawsuits can be filed if you can prove at least one of the following points about the product:

  • There was a design error present with the charging bank
  • There was a manufacturing error that occurred when the charging bank was being made in the factory
  • There were no hazard signs or symbols on the charging bank or on the packaging

The charging banks had a defect in the wiring, so it is likely that the materials were faulty or that there was a design that did not account for the small space or power usage.

You should make sure to go to the hospital to get medical treatment for your injuries. It is not recommended that you wait too long to visit a doctor. If you do not get treatment quickly, your injuries may worsen, or you may find that the insurance agent will doubt the validity of your claim. He can say that you were shocked by another item or in another incident, and he will say that the defective item was a convenient scapegoat. You should also make sure that you get copies of all medical documents, test results, doctor’s statements, hospital receipts, and more from the treatment center.

You can take photos of the damages from the electric shock, and you can also take pictures of the charging bank to show that the item caught fire, if applicable.

There may have been eyewitnesses who saw the incident happen or who can testify that the bank was defective. You can add their statements to your claim to bolster it. The more support you have from people who saw the incident, the stronger your case will be.

You may want to throw the charging bank away, try to repair it, or return it for a refund. You should do none of this. It is important that you keep the charging bank as it is and preserve it, as it is the most important piece of evidence you have. If you get rid of it, the insurance company can claim that there’s no way for the defect to be examined, since it is not present at all.

You may have a receipt showing that you bought the charging bank. You can make copies of this, or copies of a bank statement or email showing that you paid for the item.

You will benefit by hiring a product liability lawyer to handle your case for you. If you have never taken legal action, you may not know the first thing about moving forward with a defective product claim. An attorney can gather your proof, negotiate with the insurance agent, and keep you updated throughout the process while you recover and return to regular life.

Statute of Limitations to File a Product Liability Lawsuit

California has a statute of limitations of two years from the date of the injury if you wish to file a claim to receive compensation for damages. If you do not sue within this time period, you won’t be able to receive any restitution, and your claim will be thrown away. Often, individuals fail to understand the correct amount of time or do not know that there is a statute of limitations in the first place. It is important that you speak with a lawyer to determine how much time you have left on your case.

There is the possibility for your statute of limitations to be extended, but this will only happen in certain situations. If you were under 18 years old, you cannot sue without a legal guardian representing you, so you can wait until you turn legal age before the statute of limitations counts down. You also may have been left incapacitated and unable to sue, so the statute won’t start until you return to health. Further, the defendant must be in California – if he has left the state, the deadline will count down when he returns.

Earnings from a Product Liability Claim against Belkin

The value of a product liability lawsuit will largely be determined by the injuries you suffered and how extensive they were. If you were seriously hurt, you will potentially receive a larger settlement offer than if you only suffered minor injuries. The insurance agent wants to preserve profits and not pay out settlements, and we aim to bring you the maximum settlement available under the law. Our goal is to secure you compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills and expenses from the past and future for surgery, hospitalization fees, medication, physical therapy, and more
  • Lost wages if you were unable to work or could not return to work in the future
  • Property damage to cover lost items and personal belongings
  • Pain and suffering damages to account for emotional trauma, anxiety, PTSD, fear, and more

You should not be expected to foot the bill for all of these expenses if you were not responsible for the incident in the first place. A defective product claim can allow you to receive the compensation you need to pay for these damages.

Our Firm’s Promise

Our goal at the Downtown LA Law Group is to ensure that you are wholly covered for your losses if you were hurt because of a defective product. Our product liability lawyers are known as the best in town, and we have years of experience and numerous reviews to back us up. We will stop at nothing to bring you every penny you deserve, even if it means going to court to defend your rights.

For a free legal consultation, call our law offices today. All consultations are confidential and your private information or case details will not be shared elsewhere. We will also give you our zero fee guarantee on your case. We won’t get paid unless and until we win. If we lose, we get nothing at all. Either way, your finances will not be altered by pursuing legal help with us.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Downtown LA Law Group if you wish to sue Belkin for injuries from a defective charging bank.

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