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Drag Racing Accident Lawyer | Illegal Street racing injuries

Drag Racing Accident Lawyer | Illegal Street racing injuriesDriving a car is an incredibly dangerous activity in which most Americans participate every single day, even if you follow all of the rules of the road. Humans have slow reflexes and very bad judgment behind the wheel, even the best drivers are prone to err. Even if there were such a thing as a perfect driver, you cannot control what others do behind the wheel. As you increase the velocity of your vehicle, the time you have to react decreases and so it becomes more dangerous. Add in the rush of adrenaline, and you’re essentially asking for an accident. Indeed, many illegal street races end in accidents with people having been injured. Illegal Street racing and drag racing on city streets and highways is a dangerous activity leading to many accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the road. When someone decides to street race, they are not only putting themselves at risk but also those they share the road with. Unsuspecting motorists, occupants, and pedestrians are in danger of being hurt by individuals who participate in these illegal and deadly races and drifting races. If you suffered an injury due to a street race, then you are entitled to receive compensation. We help people who were involved in an auto accident recover the necessary damages for their injuries. Contact our law firm today if you want to receive legal counsel from qualified and experienced auto accident and drag racing accident lawyers in Los Angeles, California.

An accident lawyer can help you recover for

  • Medical costs resulting from hospital and emergency room care, physical therapy, ambulance costs and rehabilitation
  • Future medical care
  • Loss or income
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional and psychological damages
  • Punitive damages where the property owners displayed reckless behavior or gross negligence
  • Property damage
  • Loss of consortium

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Drag racing accident statistics

  • Nearly 60% of all drag racing fatalities are between the ages of 15-30
  • Highest level of participation is by males between the aged of 15 and 23
  • Nearly 70% of illegal street races take place in the night time
  • Half of illegal street races occur in highways the other half in commercial and residential streets
  • Close to 1,000 citations are issued every year California Law enforcement from drag racing
  • A large percentage of drag racing cars are souped-up: meaning they have special modifications which make them faster and often lead to more serious injuries on impact
  • Teenage participation in street racing has seen a dramatic rise over the past decade.  If your son or daughter is involved in such activity please advise them of the dangers of drag racing.

Common Injuries Associated with street racing accidents:

Due to the high speed of such collisions, injuries from street racing are often catastrophic. Common injuries are as follows:
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries — When you crash and you hit the airbag or your steering wheel, your brain impacts the cranium with the velocity you were traveling.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries — Cars contain a large amount of mass, and when they get involved in an accident that mass transfers energy during the collision. That energy can transfer to your spine and cause serious injury.
  • Paraplegia and Quadriplegia — When the nervous system is damaged, paralysis can occur.
  • Contusions and hemorrhaging — When you get into a high-speed crash, it can rupture blood vessels and can cause bleeding.
  • Internal bleeding — High-speed crashes can cause bleeding, but not all bleeding is external. Internal bleeding is difficult to detect and is incredibly dangerous.
  • Organ damage and failure — Your organs need to be in working order in order for your health to remain optimal. When large quantities of energy transfer into your body, it can burst your internal organs.
  • Heart Attacks — A crash can rapidly increase your blood pressure. That increase in blood pressure can cause your heart to go into cardiac arrest.
  • Amputations — If a crash is severe enough, it can damage an extremity. If the injury is irreparable, then an amputation may be the only option to avoid an infection.
  • Bone Crush Injuries — Crashes compress the strong metal of a car easily. When a car is crushed, it can lead to bone-crushing injuries.
  • Facial Lacerations — Broken glass, sharp metal and plastic can lead to facial lacerations.
  • Permanent scarring — When you get a severe laceration, it can lead to permanent scarring.
  • Burn injuries — With engines, oil, and gas involved in a crash, it can lead to a fire. If you get stuck in your car while it burns, it can cause severe burn injuries. Additionally, battery fluid is corrosive and can lead to burn injuries.
  • Broken teeth — When you smash your face onto parts of your car during a high-speed crash, it can break or knock out some teeth.
  • Eye injuries — You can bruise or cut your eyes which can lead to severe injuries.

How to prove a street racing injury case in court:

A victim can prove his case in court by way of showing the individual was either Negligent, Reckless, or Criminally responsible for your injuries: According to California Law, a Party is Negligent when it fails in a manner expected of a reasonably prudent person acting under similar circumstances.  Accordingly, negligence requires the demonstration of four elements:
  1. A duty of care is owed to the plaintiff under the circumstances. When one drives a car, that person is expected to follow the rules of the road in order to keep themselves and the others with whom they share the road safe. It is every driver’s duty to drive responsibly and with care. When you file a lawsuit, you must show that the person who was speed racing did not take their duty of care.
  2. The responsible party breached their duty of care to the injured party. You must show that the speed racer’s driving was illegal. If their driving was illegal and dangerous, it means they breached their duty of care to the other drivers on the road.
  3. The defendant was the actual and proximate cause of the plaintiff’s damages. In order to prove your lawsuit, you must show that the speed racer’s actions were the cause of your injuries.
  4. The plaintiff actually suffered some harm as a result of the defendant’s negligence. The injuries you received must have actually caused you pain and suffering. If your injuries are negligible, there really isn’t anything to heal or to treat. Your experienced attorney must prove that your injuries led to pain and suffering. That suffering could be physiological or psychological.

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How can an attorney from Downtown LA LAW help in my case?

Here is what separates our auto accident attorneys from the rest.
  • Our goal in every case is to procure the maximum amount of compensation for our clients and to make the process as simple and effortless as possible. Our attorneys will not rest until you get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.
  • We will look for compensation from other unorthodox sources including 3rd party liability, product defect and manufacturing defect liability, and possible compensation under homeowner’s insurance policies. Our experienced lawyers know the best ways to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • We work diligently in learning all the requisite laws and statutes and using every weapon in our arsenal in order to ensure that you receive every last penny that you deserve.
  • FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION: Here are the DTLA Law Group, we are here for you. We offer free legal consultation to all of our clients. You will sit down with one of our attorneys and explain the details of your case. If you cannot travel to us, do not worry, we will happily come to you. Our free consultation comes with no financial obligation. We want you to have all of the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to something as important as legal counsel. Additionally, we also offer the zero-fee guarantee. This means that you will not pay us for our legal services unless we can prove your case and get you the compensation you deserve. If we cannot win your case, you will pay us for our services.
Rememberit is crucial to act quickly after a you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in an illegal racing accident before any limitations can lower or extinguish a rightful claim. Call us for a free consultation (855) 339-8879

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