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Horse Accident Injuries, Do Waivers Limit Liability?

Horse Accident Injuries, Do Waivers Limit Liability? Waivers are critical to limiting liability for those who are injured as a result of accidents. Horse back riders are aware that as a condition to being permitted to ride or engage in the activity, they are required to waive there rights. Many times these agreements are “unconcionable” or “adhesive” in nature, where they absolve all liability for the equine establishment, but require the rider to bear the burden of any potential injuries. Often times riders sign these waivers without fully reading or understanding the agreement and the rights they are waiving. Horse back riding while a fun activity is also a dangerous sport that can have long term injuries, including death. As todays news, April 2nd, 2012, show a seven year old boy died from injuries sustained during a horse back riding accident in Artesia. Horses are generally gentle animals and do not have dangerous propensities, however they still require substantial amount of training and care to avoid dangers. Many times riders are guided by the horse who has been trained to take a specific route. However, certain stables fail to take proper measures to train there horses and ensure that the riders are warned of all potential dangers either known or un-known. Riders must be told of the horses riding experience, its past incidents of harm onto others and other related incidents. It is unfair for an establishment to request such waivers and expect them to shield against liability when they fail to take proper measures to avoid injuries. If you have been a victim of an accident as a result of a horse back riding incident, contact our offices for a free review of your case. Often times waivers signed by parties are not sufficient to absolve the establishment of liability and can be pierced. The horse accident attorneys of Los Angeles Artesia can assist you with you with your recovery. Contact our offices today for a free case evaluation.
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