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Brunswick High School Student School Bullying Caught on Tape Just Before Interview

Brunswick High School Student School Bullying Caught on Tape Just Before Interview One of the better trends across the country recently is that communities and schools have began making a stronger and more conscientious stand against school bullying.  This after the last few decades that have been marred by school shooting and suicides that many have blamed primarily on students bullying, picking and attacking other students.  However, the fact remains that these efforts often do not go far enough. Such was the case with Preston Deener, a 15-year-old sophomore at Brunswick High School in Maryland who was taking a stand against school bullying.  Deener was preparing for an interview with local news station WHAG on the effects school bullying when three students came over to him and began shoving him.  According to reporter Katie Kyros, the boys were “unfazed” by the cameras as they “lunged towards Preston and started hitting him on the head so quickly.” Cameramen caught the boys bullying Deener as he was running away.  The footage shows that the attacker was  far bigger than Deener.  Unfortunately, the camera was off when the attack commenced. In the interview, Deener later admitted that he was suspended for three days for an incident that took place only a week earlier for sticking up for himself against school bullies.  He claims that he fought back against the student after he was tackled without provocation.  Deener also admitted that he has been a victim of school bullying for years, and that many times it was in the act of cyber bullying. Preston’s mother, Cheryl Deener has decided to take a proactive stance on school bullying since her son was dealing with the issue in the sixth grade.  She once had to transfer her son out of another school after he was being bullied there as well and called homophobic slurs. She started the Facebook page Stop Bullies! Support Preston Deener through which she hopes parents of other bullied students can find refuge.  She was also able to reverse a decision that kept her son from going to the homecoming game because of his suspension. Preston does not know why he has been continually targeted by school bullies, but school officials have been put on notice.  Michael Doerrer of Fredrick County Public Schools recently stated that “a full investigation is step number 1 to find out what going on, and what happened,” according to WHAG.  The shocking video has already been turned over to school officials.  Hopefully, this most recent instance of school bullying will force the school to take such matters more seriously.

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