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School Bullying Attorney – Student Victim Lawyers Los Angeles

California Attorneys Representing Students Bullied in SchoolBullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior amongst school aged children including making threats, spreading of rumors, inappropriate contact, physical assault and battery, and verbal torment leading to emotional distress.  Such acts repeated over a period of time can lead to great cause long terms psychological damage.   If your son or daughter has been bullied in school and administrators, staff and teacher were aware of the bullying then recovery may be possible.  Contact the Downtown LA Law Firm today for a free case review; where our personal injury attorneys whether your child has a viable claim for injuries suffered as a result of bullying in school.  (855) 385-2529

What is the Definition of Student Bullying Under California Law

Bullying by children and teens can take place in a variety of ways.  Acts that can be construed by a court of law as bullying include:
  • Hitting  and Kicking
  • Spitting
  • Shoving and Pushing
  • Verbal taunting and Verbal Teasing
  • Cyber Teasing and Bullying
  • Spreading of Rumors and Promotion of Social Exclusion
  • Extortion and Intimidation
  • Sexual bullying
  • Hazing
  • Race based bullying and hate motivated bullying
  • Religious and ethnic bases bullying
Cyber Bullying and California Assembly Bill 86: Due to the seemingly meteoric rise in cyber bullying on Facebook, Smart Phones, and other Internet portals the state Legislature of California enacted Anti Cyber bullying Assembly Bill 86 which raises cyber bullying on par with other forms of student harassment and bullying which takes place in a school setting. If your school aged son or daughter has been victim of any of the above acts by other student and school administrators have failed to respond accordingly contact the Downtown LA Law Firm. Our experiences staff of attorneys are dedicated in protecting the rights of students emotionally and physically injured in school settings. Steps Students Should Take if they Have Witnessed Bullying in their School: It is very difficult to stand up to bully’s in school. Many instances those who stand up to acts of bullying against other students are bullied and physically attacked themselves. However there are some steps other students can take to stop bullying in their schools including:
  • Speaking up and standing up for those who are bullied
  • Never joining in on acts of bullying against another student
  • Speak to a teacher or staff at school regarding what you saw
  • Tell your parents about what is taking place
  • Advise other students to stop bullying acts
  • Speak to the person who is being bullying; be a friend and advise him to speak to an adult regarding what is taking place
School Bullying Statistics: According to the National Center for Educational Statistics study on School Bullying over 24 million students experience some kind of bullying during the school year.  Some other important statistics are as follows:
  • 30% of all U.S. students are involved in some form of school bullying
  • 14% of those bullied experienced severe bullying
  • The rate of school bullying drops by nearly 60% between the 6th grade 12th grade.
  •  Nearly one million school aged children have experienced cyber bullying by students from their schools

Anti Gay Bullying – Seth’s Laws and other California Anti Bullying, Discrimination and Intimidation Statutes

Seth’s law referred to as Bill AB 9 in California State Legislature is anti bullying law which helps protect California public school children from anti gay bullying.  The law required public school in California to update anti-bullying policies, with a specific focus on preventing and reducing the prevalence of bullying against the Gay Lesbian and Transgender community enrolled in California Public Schools. AB 537:  Seth’s Law is a further strengthening of preexisting California Anti Bullying Law Passed in 2000 prohibited discrimination and harassment in schools based on specified categories including
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Identity or Expression
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Association with a specific group
How Bullying Can be Prevented in Schools There are numerous actions that can be taken to reduce the prevalence of bullying.  Some of the most effective measures that should be taken by schools include:
  • Development of school curriculum teaching students about the dangers of bullying and the harm it causes
  • Developing closer student to student relationships
  • Establish rules in the classroom regarding bullying
  • Establishing School Wide rules regarding bullying
  • Have a No Tolerance Policy towards any acts of bullying
  • Build Self Esteem amongst the student body
Los Angeles and California Bullying Injury Attorneys are here to help Classroom and Playground Bullying Discrimination in School Attorney
Our dedicated staff of school injury attorneys will provide expert legal advice and determined whether a victim of bullying or hazing has a claim against school administrators or staff and the Unified District the school belongs to. For More information on Your Legal Rights cant (855) 385-2529 Resources:

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