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Richmond Chevron Oil Refinery Explosion Fire Smoke Inhalation Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney representing victims of Lung Damage from Smoke InhalationA Fire erupted in Chevrons Corporations Richmond California Refinery sending massive plumed of smoke into the atmosphere.  No fatalities have been reported yet, however the toxic smoke pillowing from the refinery prompted local and city officials to place shelter in place advisories, with a call to stay indoor and keep all doors and windows closed. Smoke Inhalation and Toxic Smoke Injuries: According to Daniel Azizi of the Downtown LA Law Firm a California based Personal Injury Law Firm dedicated to protecting the rights of victims of toxic waste, dangerous chemicals and industrial waste and pollution, “acute smoke inhalation resulting from Chevrons refinery explosion can lead to serious short term and permanent injuries.”  When asked to further explain Mr. Azizi stated,  “smoke inhalation from industrial fires are often more dangerous than smoke inhalation injuries in homes and commercial buildings, this is due to the fact that industrial plants often contain massive amounts and particularity hazardous chemical substances used to refinement of oil into gasoline.  Also the byproducts of petroleum refinement into gasoline are of particular concern for us”. Toxic Smoke Inhalation claims – “Protecting the rights of Toxic tort victims of industrial fires can be a challenging task” stated Mr. Azizi, “especially when faced with protecting the rights of victims against massive multi-billion dollar oil companies with deep pockets”. If you have been injured by smoke inhalation due to a recent Richmond Chevron Oil Refinery Fire, contact the Attorneys at the Downtown LA Law Group.
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