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Receivables Fraud Attorney | Collection Agency Fraud Lawyer

los angeles collection fraud attorney and consumer protection lawyerReceivables fraud or collection agency fraud is a harmful act which can defraud businesses out of thousands of dollars. Generally, the way a collection agency or receivables fraud scam works is when a collection agency without your authority settles with a customer who owes a past due debt. Many times the collection agency will operate under color of agency or authority causing the former customer to send the requested funds to satisfy the past due balance. However, the collection agency never had the proper authority to settle such matters, nor did they forward the funds to the owed party. As a result the party who sent the funds may still be liable for the money owed, which can take a serious toll on ones business.  To schedule a free consultation with a Receivable fraud lawyers in Los Angeles contact our Fraud hotline (855) 385-2529.

Who is Responsible in a receivable fraud matter

While it is difficult to track or hold parties accountable for this type of fraud or receivable fraud attorneys at Downtown LA Law are charged with the requisite knowledge to help you recover for your loss. Generally there are a number of parties who can be held responsible for your loss including the bank who cashed the check, the collection agency who improperly claimed the funds and the customer who owed the money. If you have been a victim of collection agency fraud then contact our offices today for a free consultation, it cost nothing to speak to our attorneys for a free case review. Call us today at 855-385-2529.

Collection Agency Fraud Liability

Responsibility for recovery of the funds depends on a number of factors including whether the collection agency had authority to act, whether the check was paid to the order of the original creditor, whether debtor had notice and other related issues. For full analysis of your claim and whether you have a right to recovery, contact our offices today for a free evaluation. Many receivable and collection type cases are subject to contingency fee agreements where your recovery is subject to our success. Bank codes and laws often hold the issuing bank or the bank who cashes the check to be held liable for the improperly cashed checks up-to a certain amount so long as there was no authority to cash the check. You may be entitled to recovering the full amount of your claim along with other associated costs associated with your loss. If you have been a victim of fraud via a collection agency then contact the law offices of Downtown LA Law for a free case evaluation our attorneys will stand by your side and help you recover for your loss.

Contact a Business Fraud Lawyer

A financial loss for any business can be catastrophic to its continued success, it can cause delays in future production, failure to satisfy past due debts and other collateral impacts. If you have been a victim of receivables fraud our offices can help with your recovery. We can help you recover the full balance owed as well as the money obtained without your consent. Contact the receivables fraud attorneys today for a free consultation.
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