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Conveyor Belt Accident Attorney | Work Injury Lawsuits

Conveyor belts can be one of the most dangerous industrial machines in factories and construction sites across our nation posing a risk of serious workplace injuries and fatalities. Accidents involving conveyor belts usually take place during work activities, while cleaning or conducting maintenance the machines, attempting to un-jam accumulated debris, and adjusting the conveyor belts speed. If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries due to a conveyor belt accident contact our workplace personal injury law firm.  Our experienced and esteemed attorney will fight for your right to receive full and just compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

Common injuries resulting from conveyor belt accident include:

  • Amputations
  • Severe neck and spine injuries
  • Separated shoulder
  • Facial injuries
  • Serious head injuries
  • Fractures vertebrate and broken bones
  • Shearing and hand crush injuries
  • Injuries involving body parts or clothing getting caught in the machinery

Causes of Conveyor belt Accidents

Accidents involving conveyor belts are usually mechanical in nature.  Other common causes of conveyor belt accidents include (1) User negligence (2) failure to properly inspect (3) failure to maintain conveyor belt (4) failure to properly train and (5) Lack of proper warning as to the hazards associated with the use of conveyor belts (6) failure to install safeguards to protect users. Removal of Safety Guard:  In many factories managers and owners or in some instance other employee remove safety guards during operation for the purpose of increasing productivity and allow for easier access to the belt during work. It is ultimately the responsibility of the business owner to make sure safety guards remain intact. Failure to meet those requirement will be regarded as a negligent cause of a workers injuries. Business Owner Liability – Steps needed to take to avoid conveyor belt accidents: Business owners are responsible for the safety of their workers.  They must take proper steps to ensure a hazard free environment. Some of the steps factory owners are responsible for to occupational safety include:
  • Identifying the hazards associated with the use of the machine
  • Estimate the risks and types of severe injuries which can take place
  • Instill proper safety devises or guards to reduce or eliminated the danger
  • Place proper warning sings
  • Provide protective clothing and face guards
  • Supervise and train workers as to the proper use of the conveyor belt

California Work Injury Lawsuits – Our Attorneys are here to help:

If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries due to a conveyor belt accident contact the a defective product attorney form the Downtown LA Law Firm.  We offer all victim of personal injury a free consultation where we will be able to determine the best legal course of action so that you can be compensated for your damages. We don’t charge attorneys fees until we win your case.
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