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List California Trucking Companies | 18-Wheeler and Big Rigs Companies in Los Angeles California

Below is a List of Trucking Companies in the state of California.  If you have been injured in a trailer accident, big rig accident or 18-wheler accident on California’s roads and highways by one of the listed companies contact us to schedule a free consultation with our auto & truck accident attorneys.

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  •  A.W. Coulter, Incorporated
  • Aim Transportation, INC.
  • Air Container Transport, INC.
  • American Pacific Corporation
  • Ancon Transportation Svcs. (ATS)
  • Antonini Freight Express, Co.
  • Apex Bulk Commodities, INC.
  • Apl Logistics Freight Systems, INC
  • Ardis & Brenda Kemp
  • Assured Aggregates Co., INC.
  • Atlas Transfer & Storage Co.
  • Barman Transport, INC
  • Bert E. Jessup Transportation, INC.
  • Bjj Company
  • Bob Hubbard Horse Transport, INC.
  • Bob Rich Schroeder Trucking, INC.
  • Brent Redmond Transport, INC.
  • Bulk Transportation
  • C & A Trucking, INC.
  • Cal-Western Transport, INC.
  • California Air Cartage, INC.
  • California Minibridge Transportation
  • California Multimodal, INC.
  • California Tank Lines, INC.
  • California Transport Enterprises, INC.
  • Calko Transport Co., INC
  • Charles L. King And Associates
  • Command Delivery Systems, INC.
  • Complete Logistics Holding Corp, INC.
  • Container Freight Eit, LLC
  • D & H Transportation
  • D.O.N. Investments, INC.
  • Dependable Highway Express, INC.
  • Desert Coastal Transport, INC.
  • Devine & Son Trucking Co., INC.
  • Dice Van Lines, INC.
  • Dirksen Transportation, INC.
  • Dispatch Trucking, INC.
  • Doudell Trucking Co
  • Douglas Myovich Trucking
  • Dura Freight Lines, INC.
  • Ed Rocha Livestock Transportation, INC
  • Edjo, INC.
  • Endicott Trucking, INC.
  • Evans Dedicated Systems, INC
  • Eze Trucking, INC.
  • F & S Distributing, INC.
  • Food Express, INC.
  • Fredericksen Tank Lines, INC.
  • Freight Systems, INC.
  • G.I. Trucking Company
  • G3 Properties, INC.
  • Ganduglia Trucking
  • Gazelle Transportation, INC.
  • Gillies Trucking, INC
  • Golden Eagle Express, INC.
  • Great American Transport, INC.
  • Hagler Trucking, INC.
  • Hank’s, INC.
  • Harbor Express, INC.
  • Harrison Trucking, INC.
  • Harrison-Nichols Co., LTD.
  • Inter-Cal Contract Carriers, INCorporated
  • J. H. Sims Trucking Company, INC.
  • Jack Jones Trucking, INC.
  • Jay Dee Transport Co., ( A Corp)
  • Jess Diaz Trucking, INC.
  • John R. Lawson Rock & Oil, INC.
  • K&R Transportation, INC.
  • K.K.W. Trucking., INC.
  • Kerr Trucking, INC.
  • King Van & Storage Co.
  • Kingdom Express, INC.
  • Lee Jennings Enterprises, INC.
  • Lee Traynham Trucking, INC.
  • Lemore Transportation, INC.
  • Lengner & Sons Produce Express
  • Lhb Trucking, INC.
  • Lone Star Trucking, INC.
  • Lutrel Trucking, INC.
  • M&B Carriers, INC.
  • Marcus Trucking Corporation
  • Meiko Freight Service Co.
  • Mjb Freight Systems
  • Network Courier Services
  • Nijjar BrothersTrucking, INC.
  • North American Carrier Group, LLC
  • Offshore Crane and Service Company
  • Overseas Freight, INC.
  • Pacific Cartage & Warehousing, INC.
  • Palmer Transport Corp.
  • Pan Pacific Petroleum Company, INC.
  • Philip Transportation And Remediation, INC.
  • Phoenix-Pdq, INC.
  • Pinole Valley Trucking, Incorporated
  • Points West Trucking, INC.
  • Premier Transportation & Warehousing, INC.
  • Quality Transport, INC.
  • Rabb Bros. Trucking, INC.
  • Ram Trucking, INC.
  • Rawlings Trucking, INC.
  • Rock Transport, INC.
  • Roy E. Lay Trucking
  • Royal Express, INC.
  • Royal Hawaiian Express, INC.
  • Rpm Transportation, INC.
  • Sagara Trucking, INC.
  • Sankyu Usa, INC.
  • Santa Clara Transfer Service, INC
  • Sanyo Transportation Company
  • Scan-Vino, INC.
  • Scully Distribution Services, INC.
  • Sea-Logix
  • Sea-Logix, LLC
  • Servicecraft, LLC
  • Shane Industries, INC.
  • Shannon Bros. Co. (A Corp.)
  • Shuster’s Transportation, INC.
  • Southwest Trails
  • Souza’s Milk Transportation Co.
  • Starving Students, INC.
  • Sward Trucking, INC.
  • T. G. S. Transportation, INC.
  • Teresi Trucking, INC.
  • Tony’s Express, INC.
  • Tri-Modal Distribution Svc., INC.
  • Tricor America, INC.
  • Trimac Transportation Services (Western), INC.
  • Triways, INCorporated
  • Trucking Unlimited
  • Usa Transport, INC.
  • V & S Transportation, INC.
  • V. Dolan Trucking, INC
  • Vpl, INC.
  • Wallace Transport
  • Wayne Bare Trucking, INC.
  • Williams Tank Lines
  • Yosemite Express Company
  • Young’s Commercial Transfer, INC.
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If you or a loved one (relative) has been injured in a Truck Accident driven by an employee of one of the above Trucking Companies we can help.   The filing of a lawsuit (legal proceedings) by a California Tractor-trailer lawyer will likely increase the probability of a higher compensation for your loss. For more information or to schedule a free consultation with a  Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer call (855) DTLALAW.


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