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Amputee Slip and Fall Lawsuit

How Are Amputees Affected by Their Amputation?

Many amputees have had an amputation because of a war injury, disease or other medical issue related to their arms, legs or hands. In general, an amputation is a word that describes the removal of all or part of a person’s limb after an accident, disease or loss of tissue vital to the limb. An amputee may have difficulty walking or keeping the right balance to be safe, if there are hazards and obstacles in their walking environment.

People who have sustained an amputation may be more susceptible to falling and slipping on a property, when there are unsafe conditions. If you have suffered personal injuries from a slip and fall, you need to give our office a call today. We are here for you, and can review your claim with you right now.

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Slip and Fall Risks of Amputees

People who have had amputations have a higher risk of slipping and falling. They have a high likelihood of tripping or slipping on loose rugs, carpets or bumps in flooring. Amputees may have more problems with balance, gait issues or in standing and walking in general.

People who are amputees are at an increased risk of slipping, tripping and falling, as compared to age related able-bodied individuals. This is because amputees have a different load on their bodies and balance issues with an amputated limb. The knee, leg and arm movements of an amputee are different than that of an able-bodied person, which makes the amputee more likely to fall in many conditions. The person with an amputation may have instability on the prosthetic side of the body, and unstable leg, arm or trunk muscles as a result of the amputation. When a person is missing a limb, that individual will have issues transferring wright to walk, climb stairs or walk over obstacles on the ground when necessary. People with an amputated limb may experience walking issues because of:

  • Gait variability
  • Poor sense of gait
  • Instability
  • Poor gait cycle
  • Slow walking speed
  • Short step length
  • Short step width
  • Step time variances
  • Swing time variances
  • Motor dominance issues
  • Decreased activity levels
  • New to a prosthesis
  • Additional fall risk factors
  • Lack of balance training
  • Insecurity in walking abilities
  • Lack of rehabilitation on safe walking strategies
  • Knee pain in the intact limb
  • Arm pain in the intact limb
  • Dependence on the intact limb to walk and function
  • Abrasion of cartilage and pain in walking
  • Joint functionality deterioration
  • Osteoarthritis in intact limbs
  • Degenerative joint disease affecting intact limbs
  • Adaptive gait issues
  • End of stance gait issues
  • Shorter keel and rollover walking
  • Compensation of intact limb for amputated limb
  • Fatigue in walking

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What Are the Ways That Amputees Slip, Trip and Fall?

A person with an amputated limb may have problems walking, and will be more susceptible to slip and fall under certain conditions.

  1. Intrinsic center-of-mass falls occur with shifting of body weight beyond the area of a base support.
  2. Inadequate base support falls occur when losing balance on a narrow step.
  3. Tripping or stumbling occurs on uneven surfaces.
  4. Slipping and falling occurs with inadequate friction between the foot and the ground conditions.
  5. Prosthetic factor falls occur when the prosthesis does not line up with the floor or carpet area.

Can I Sue as an Amputee Who Slipped and Fell on a Property?

Yes, we can sue if you are an amputee and slipped and fell on dangerous and hazardous conditions on a property. Just call our Los Angeles case lawyers at the DTLA Law Group today. We are able to advise you on your claim, and can file a lawsuit for you. You are able to recover the compensation that you require to cover your medical bills in this case.

Amputee Slip and Falls May Trigger Phantom Limb Pain

When an amputee slips and falls, the individual can experience a high level of pain and suffering. A trip, slip or fall of an amputee may remind the person of how he or she is not as able-bodied as before. These feelings may also bring on phantom limb pain, or may trigger this type of emotional response after a trip, slip or fall.

Phantom pain after an amputation, is the feeling that the amputee still has pain where the limb has been removed. If an amputee falls, trips or slips on a property, that person may be triggered to feel phantom pain in the area of the amputated limb. There may also be real pain in the area of the amputated limb, if that part of the person’s body was injured in the slip, trip or fall. If an amputee is triggered by a slip, trip or fall to experience the pain and suffering of a phantom limb, this will bring trauma to the person who has had an amputation. Therefore, it is vitally important to secure the safety of a person with an amputation as a disability, to prevent these other negative emotions from being triggered.

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If you are an amputee and are injured in a slip and fall, you need not have to go on your own in this situation. We are able to talk to you about your claim. You need to have clear walkways, free of debris and hazards, just the same as any able-bodied person.

You have the right to be able to walk with confidence in the community, and not be susceptible to falling on hazards and dangerous areas and environments just because of your disabled status. If you are injured, suffered personal injuries or otherwise hurt after a slip and fall on a property as an amputee, you need to call the DTLA Law Group right now. Just give us a call today.

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