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Roofing Maintenance Injury Attorney

Roofing Maintenance Injury Attorney lawyer sue compensation personal injury incident accident
How to Handle a Roofing Maintenance Injury Claim?

The roof of a home, office or business protects the structure from the elements, and provides a secured cover to the building to keep it safe from the weather. A roofing structure that is maintained can last for decades. Roofing professionals can become injured on a roofing maintenance job, and need to make a claim when this happens.

Often, there are not enough safety regulations on a roofing job, which will cause injuries time and time again. The roofers are responsible for safety on a roofing maintenance job, but the foreman, owner and operators of the building are supremely responsible for the safety of the roofers while they are working on a scheduled roofing maintenance job.

Common Roofing Injuries and the Threat to Death on a Roof

There are many common roofing injuries and threats to death, when a roofer is working on a roofing maintenance job. The injuries can be serious, and include:

  • Broken spine
  • Broken back
  • Lacerations and cuts
  • Roofer’s blown out knee
  • Amputation of limbs
  • Fractures of bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal injuries from falls
  • Impalement from foreign objects
  • Electrocution from live wires
  • Eye injuries from foreign objects
  • Death falling from a roof

If you have been injured in the roof of a building while performing roofing maintenance, you need to call us at the DTLA Law Group right now. We are here to take your call, and discuss your personal injury claim today.

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What Is Roofer’s Knee?

Roofer’s knee is an injury where the roofers use their knees on the job to complete work, and their knees take a beating in the process. Roofers need to use full protection on their bodies to perform roofing work, that will include: hardhats, pads for knees and other harnesses to prevent falls from the roof areas. Roofers have to carry heavy loads up to the areas being repaired on a roof, use climbing, bending and kneeling motions, and climb scaffolds, ladders and even other roofs to get to their job locations. Roofers can be seriously injured at any time during routine roofing maintenance on a job. These injuries are usually serious and do require long weeks of recovery time. There will be lost wages from work, as a result of a serious roofing injury.

Is Roofing a Dangerous Job?

Roofing is actually a very dangerous occupation. You have to remember, a roof is the top of a home, office or building, and it is constantly exposed to the elements to protect the building structure that it sits on top of at that point. That means that a roof will usually require constant review and roofing maintenance jobs to keep it free from debris, damage or other unsafe conditions.

But roofers are often at the mercy of many other factors, as they perform roofing maintenance jobs. This creates an opportunity for them to be injured quite frequently in the line of duty. A roofer must know how to react to many different types of situations on a roof during a roofing maintenance job, including:

  • Knowing how to go to safety in the course of a roofing fire
  • Knowing how to shelter in place if there are high winds or a tornado or hurricane
  • Knowing what to do with a medical emergency
  • Knowing what steps to take to prevent or stop bleeding from a cutting injury
  • Knowing what to do if someone on a roof is knocked unconscious
  • Knowing first aid and CPR to help a roofing worker in medical crisis on a roof
  • Knowing what to do to prevent being struck by lightning during a pop-up thunderstorm
  • Knowing what to do if a worker is accidentally electrocuted by live electrical wires on a roof
  • Knowing what to do if a worker is exposed to flammable liquids on a roof
  • Knowing how to work around explosive electrical connectors on a roof
  • Knowing how to safely use torch-applied tools or flame throwers for completing work on a roof
  • Knowing how to be safe around hot asphalt being applied on a roof
  • Knowing how to stay safe around acids and caustic materials on a roof

Moreover, if you are a roofer and were injured while performing roofing maintenance on a roof, then you need to call us immediately. We can discuss your claim with you today. You may have lost wages based on needing time off to recover from your injuries. We know how to get the money you need for that claim. But nothing will happen until you give us a call today at the DTLA Law Group right now.

Roofers Can Be Injured by Hoisting Equipment Used on the Roof

It is important that roofers be aware of the dangers of working on roofs that have and utilize hoisting equipment. This type of equipment will bring up heavy materials to the top of a roof, where the roofing and building materials are needed to repair and maintain a roof structure. The operator of a winch and hoist must know where the other workers are at all times, to prevent an injury to any of the workers. The supervisors on a roofing job site need to inspect the area, determine where the hoisting equipment will be set up, and determine the scope of the job based on the recommendations of the safety coordinator for the hoist operation.

In order to help you, if you were injured by hoisting equipment while performing roofing maintenance on a roof, you can call us today to discuss your personal injury claim. We are ready to talk to you right now, and our attorneys are ready to set a winning strategy for your recovery compensation package based on the merits of your claim.

Roofing Injuries Are Plentiful, What Can Go Wrong?

Roofing injuries are high when people are not paying attention or focusing on the job. The roof is a dangerous place on its own, then it becomes even more dangerous when roofers and roofing maintenance workers actually start working on the roof to fix and repair the structure.

It is important for roofers to be aware of the opportunities for getting injured. If they are not trained properly to do the roofing job, that is going to be a question for the supervisor, foreman, owner and operator of the building, and any other responsible parties for the roofers being up on a building repairing it in the first place.

Ways that roofing professionals and roofing workers can be injured performing roofing maintenance will include:

  • Lifting heavy tools alone and hurting or straining back muscles
  • Lifting materials that are heavy without the assistance of a hoist equipment
  • Not wearing a hard hat and proper eye protection
  • Wearing loose fitting clothing that can get stuck in machinery
  • Wearing gloves that get stuck in moving machine parts
  • Wearing jewelry that can get stuck in machines
  • Wearing long hear to get stuck in a machine
  • Not reporting a defective or ill functioning machine quick enough to prevent an accident
  • Using unapproved personal tools in poor condition
  • Moving safety guards from equipment
  • Leaving machines on and unattended
  • Not using lockout tags when machines are being serviced or repaired
  • Throwing scrap metal on the ground, and not storing in the proper containers
  • Using improper setups for operating machinery on the roof
  • Not turning the power off on machines
  • Not cleaning up the areas of work at the end of the day or shift
  • Allowing grinding wheels to be out of balance
  • Allowing grinding wheels to stay broken or chipped and still using them for work
  • Improperly storing compressed gas on the job site
  • Using ropes to carry cylinders instead of baskets for dangerous compressed gas
  • Using unsafe conditions for welding and torch-cutting operations
  • Improper use of ladders and boom lifts placed on uneven surfaces during use
  • Not using personal fall arrest systems correctly to prevent worker falls off the building

Likewise, if you were injured from not being properly trained on how to work as a roofer during a job while performing roofing maintenance on a roof, we need you to call to discuss your option for initiating an upcoming lawsuit. It is easy to make the call, just call us today.

Roofing Maintenance Injury Attorney lawyer compensation personal injury incident accident sue
Roofers Falling Off Roofs, Where Was the Foreman?

If a roofer falls off of a roof, there needs to be someone accountable for this type of serious injury during a roofing maintenance job. The foreman or project manager is responsible to enforce the safety measures and protocols for all roofing maintenance jobs and projects. The foreman is responsible to tell the roofing workers what to do, where to stand, how to do their job and how to say safe.

All roofers performing roofing maintenance jobs need to wear their personal safety equipment, and know how to work on a roof safely. If you worked with a missing or non-working foreman and were injured while performing roofing maintenance on a roof, your recovery compensation is waiting for you at that point. You need to call us to start the process, and we are here for that call, you can make it today at the DTLA Law Group.

What Are the Roofers Falling Protection and Safety Plan?

Owners, supervisors and managers of roofing job sites, need to ensure that the workers do not have roofing maintenance injuries during their working on a client roof. The owners of the job site need to ensure eth safety of the roofing workers at all times, by enforcing that the workers:

  • Maintain safety rules all the time on the job site
  • Never step on a board covering a roofing hole
  • Never sit on a skylight or glass covering on the roof
  • Use safety training on the roof when working
  • Leave locks on doors to prevent unauthorized people getting access to the roof
  • Install permanent anchorage points for workers to safely work on the roof
  • Install permanent railings on the roofing areas
  • Install protective screens to protect workers on the roof
  • Mark all fiberglass panel areas for roofing workers
  • Use perimeter guards to prevent falls off the roof
  • Post signs in English and Spanish for all roofing workers to advise of safety issues
  • Make sure all workers on the roof are trained in safety protocols
  • Inspect the worksite for fall hazards before roofers start working
  • Schedule inspections during the work project to keep abreast of all updates for safety
  • Check for and prevent an uncovered ceiling/flooring openings that roofers can fall through
  • Always use guardrails around roofing areas
  • Use body belts and harnesses when necessary to prevent falls from the roof by the roofers
  • Railings need to be at least 42 inches tall or within compliance of OSHA standards

If you are injured because of something that happened while performing roofing maintenance on a roof, we want to hear from you today. You can make the easy call to our lawyers at the DTLA Law Group right now. You need access to our lawyers with experience in roofers who are injured while performing roofing maintenance on a roof. Just call today for an attorney with expertise in personal injuries for roofers who have accidents on roofing jobs.

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Can I Sue for Personal Injuries Sustained from a Roofing Maintenance Injury?

Yes, we can sue if you are injured while performing roofing maintenance on a roof. We know you will want to discuss your claim with our Los Angeles case lawyers, who can file a lawsuit on your behalf regarding this type of claim. Besides, our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue for you and get you the recovery compensation you need now, to pay your medical bills associated with this claim.

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Your call to us today is in confidence, and you can arrange a free consultation when you do call us now. We understand that even though you are still recovering from your personal injuries from being injured while performing roofing maintenance on a roof, your lawsuit can get started right away. Just call us now and get the process started now.

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