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DoorDash Class Action Lawsuit Lawyers

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Most of us place orders through a number of food-delivery platforms multiple times per month. This is because we can easily become overwhelmed with one thing or another and cooking or going somewhere to get food is just not an option. Food-delivery services, such as DoorDash, allow us to worry about one less thing and conveniently allow us to order meals at any time and at any place. Unfortunately, the overall convenience of DoorDash has been overshadowed by many issues that customers are having – specifically issues with refunds.

There is no such thing as a perfect service. This is true of food-delivery services. There are many different factors that can ultimately affect the quality of the order that the customer receives. If the customer is unhappy with the order (whether it was missing items, was incorrect, or never arrived), the customer could make a complaint – and the logical thing would be for customers to be refunded. However, customers that request refunds after issues with their DoorDash orders are likely not to receive any sort of refund.

Unfortunately, DoorDash has been taking advantage of their customers and has been pocketing refunds. Is there anything that you could do? Could you and all other parties affected by DoorDash’s failure to issue refunds take any action against the company? You might have an option – you might have grounds to participate in a class action lawsuit against DoorDash. For more information about possible taking legal action against DoorDash, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance immediately.

You can trust the experts at Downtown L.A. Law Group to handle your claim against DoorDash. If you would like to learn more about the possibility of holding DoorDash accountable for the refunds that they have been unfairly denying their customers, do not hesitate to discuss your current situation with our experts. Our lawyers have many years of experience handling all sorts of claims and are ready to provide you with the guidance that you need to take action against DoorDash. Contact us today.

About DDoorDash

DoorDashh is an on-demand food-delivery service. DoorDash was founded in 2013 by Stanford students (Tony Xu, Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, and Evan Moore) and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. DoorDash serves as a liaison between merchants and potential customers. In 2019, DoorDash’s revenue was $900 million. DoorDash is just one of the many food-delivery services available; however, it is among the better known.

How Does DoorDash Work?

Most food-delivery services work the same way. These services, however, do not like to be classified as food-delivery services; rather, they classify themselves as technology companies that connect merchants and customers to allow food delivery in cases where it otherwise wouldn’t be available. So, how does it work? DoorDash provides a platform on which customers can order – both online and via a mobile app. The customer places an order, a delivery partner – called a Dasher – picks up the order to delivery it, and the customer received his or her order.

DoorDash Complaints – Consumers Are Not Happy

Considering that DoorDash has been successful for many years, it can be assumed that DoorDash customers are pleased with the company. However, many customers are far from pleased – they are strongly dissatisfied and close to completely stopping using DoorDash’s service.

Consider some of the following complaints that were posted online:

  • November 2019 – after placing an order, “the app stated the food was delivered. [The customer] went outside to look around for the delivery person but did not see anyone…so [the customer] called the help chat.” The first customer service representative hung up the phone, while the second representative “was very nice and put in a reorder, but did not inform [the customer of the charge] for redelivery of food” that was never received. After seeing that the order had not been picked up even after the estimated delivery time, the customer canceled the order under the assumption that there would be a full refund for the cost of the food. Upon canceling, the customer learned that “the only option is refund in DoorDash funds…DoorDash took $50 from [the customer] with no delivery of any food after almost 3 hours.”
  • October 2019 – the customer “paid $57.00 for an order and…did not receive anything.” The food was never delivered.
  • October 2019 – the customer “placed an order through DoorDash…for $60.01. The order was picked up, and tracked to [the] apartment complex. [The customer] watched for a delivery driver, but no one showed up. The order was then marked as delivered, though [the customer] received no product and [was] still charged.” Upon contacting the company, the customer was informed that they would neither receive the order nor a refund for the order.
  • October 2019 – the customer “authorized a charge of $7 for a food delivery through the DoorDash app. When [the customer] checked [his/her] account balance, the charge posted from DoorDash was $17. I tried for a week to contact DoorDash but they refuse to refund.”
  • September 2019 – the customer placed an order; the “order in the amount of $58.74 never arrived.”
  • September 2019 – the customer “requested a refund for [the] order because several aspects of [the] order were missing, including an item [that incurred an extra charge].” The customers submitted a claim immediately upon noticing the issues. “The company [responded] requesting more information the next day. [The customer] responded to their email within hours.” Within three days, the customer received an email stating that a refund was no longer an option because the allowed time frame had already passed.

Would you consider these complaints to be valid? Based on these complaints, DoorDash has repeatedly refused to give their customers the refunds that they are owed. DoorDash is potentially pocketing millions in denied refunds; they are essentially getting richer every time they deny a refund to one of their customers.

Common Reasons for Requesting Refunds

Why would you request a refund? There are many reasons why customers attempt to request refunds. In most cases, refund requests are associated with issues with the orders – issues that warrant refunds.

Some of the issues that often lead to customers requesting refunds include the following:

  • Receiving the incorrect order (common when delivery partners are handling multiple orders at once)
  • Receiving an order that is inedible (usually due to temperature)
  • Receiving an order that has been tampered with in any way
  • Receiving an order that has been damaged
  • Receiving an incomplete order (missing items)
  • Not receiving the order even if it has been marked as delivered
  • Being overcharged (agreeing to a specific charge and seeing a higher charge on card/bank statement)
  • Being charged multiple times for the same order

If you encountered any of the issues listed above with an order you placed through DoorDash, you likely wouldn’t hesitate to request a refund. Many loyal DoorDash customers do the same thing – with the expectation that the company will do the right thing and issue a refund. However, refunds are not being issued (this is clear through the many negative reviews on the topic available online).

If you find that DoorDash refuses to give you a refund, you must remember that you are not alone. You are just one of many customers that has been wronged by DoorDash. As such, you have options.

You Can Take Legal Action

How many millions of people do you think are directly affected by DoorDash refusing to provide refunds? If you ask a large number of DoorDash users, you might find that the majority of them have had issues with their orders in the past leading to refund requests. Many of them might have experienced rejected refund requests for no valid reason. What does this mean? DoorDash has likely failed to refund millions – the company is scamming its customers.

What can you do if you have been cheated out of your money? What are the options available to you if DoorDash failed to issue a refund for what you paid? As previously mentioned, you are just one of many people who have been affected by DoorDash’s apparent inability to issue refunds.

What are your options? You, along with all other parties affected by DoorDash’s refusal to issue refunds, might have grounds to participate in a class action lawsuit. When claimants come together to file a class action lawsuit, claims simply carry more weight. If the class action lawsuit in which you participate reaches a successful outcome, you and all other claimants participating in the class action lawsuit could be eligible to recover monetary compensation.

For more information about your right to participate in a class action lawsuit against DoorDash, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance immediately. You can trust the attorneys at Downtown L.A. Law Group to handle your claim and provide you with the information that you need to understand your right to sue. When you allow the class action lawyers at our firm to handle your claim, you can be certain that there will always be someone aggressively representing your rights – fighting for your right to recover the compensation that you deserve.

Could You Recover Monetary Compensation?

Your main goal when participating in a class action lawsuit against DoorDash might be to recover the money that you are owed – accumulated from every denied refund. Without a doubt, you could be eligible to recover monetary compensation, given that the claim reaches a successful outcome. If the class action lawsuit reaches a successful lawsuit, how much compensation could you be awarded? What type of compensation are you likely to receive?

In general, the type and among of compensation available for recovery depends on the specific details surrounding the claim.

You might be eligible to recover compensation for some of the following:

  • The total amount of refunds owed
  • The time and effort spent going back and forth with the company (when you were requesting a refund and they constantly denied your request)
  • The mental and emotional distress associated with being denied the refund and having to resort to other options
  • The expenses for legal fees

If you would like to learn more about the compensation that you might be eligible to receive if you participate in a class action lawsuit (if the lawsuit is successful), you should seek legal assistance with the class action lawyers at our law firm at your earliest convenience. Our lawyers are ready to provide you with the representation that you need.

What Should You Do?

If you were cheated out of your hard-earned money, your first response might be rage. However, rage can sometimes get in the way of rational thinking – and you must remain calm to be able to proceed against DoorDash as effectively as possible. What should you do if DoorDash refuses to give you a refund? Consider the following recommendations:

  • Report the issue with your order to DoorDash
  • Contact DoorDash’s customer service
  • Request a refund
  • Keep records of all communication between you and DoorDash (and their representatives); take screenshots of any communication conducted through the DoorDash app
  • Take screenshots of your DoorDash order on the app (confirmation that you placed the order, paid for the order, and that the order was out for delivery, etc.)
  • Take photos of the order you received (if you received anything at all)
  • Gather proof of the charges that were made and not refunded (including receipts, screenshots of charges, bank/credit statements, etc.)
  • Seek legal assistance immediately

Contact Downtown L.A. Law Group Today

There is no doubt that DoorDash has consistently allowed customers to conveniently order food and other goods from any location – without ever having to go anywhere. However, DoorDash has also proven that the convenience of being able to place orders and get them delivered anywhere to come at a high price; specifically, at the price of essentially never getting refunded for problematic issues. DoorDash is pocketing the refunds that their customers are owed – and they should be held accountable for scamming unsuspecting customers.

If you have ever been denied a refund for a DoorDash order, you should explore the possibility of taking legal action – you might even have grounds to participate in a class action lawsuit against DoorDash. If you want to learn more about the legal options available to you – particularly about the possibility of participating in a class action lawsuit – do not hesitate to contact the experts at Downtown L.A. Law Group.

When you allow the experts at our firm to handle your claim you can be certain that someone will always aggressively fight for your rights as a consumer. Our knowledgeable attorneys have many years of experience handling all sorts of claims – always fighting for the rights of claimants and their families. Over the years, we have constantly seen people with legitimate grounds to file a claim choose not to pursue any legal action because of the fear of legal expenses; therefore, our firm offers free legal services.

By offering free legal services, our firm remains accessible to all. Our free legal services include free consultations and free second opinions. During these free legal services, our lawyers will be available to answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and essentially provide you with all the information that you might need to take action against DoorDash. Would you like to benefit from our free legal services? Would you like to learn more about the possibility of participating in a class action lawsuit against DoorDash? If so, do not hesitate to contact our firm immediately.

To ensure that all affected parties can contact our firm and speak with our experts without ever worrying about expensive fees, our firm offers a Zero-Fee guarantee. Our Zero-Fee guarantee ensures that our clients will never have to pay any upfront legal fees for any of our legal services. Our law firm is also based on contingency; therefore, our clients will not be required to pay for anything until after reaching a successful claim outcome. This means that you will not pay unless you win.

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