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What is Fair Car Rental? How Does it Work?

How many times have you heard of Fair? Although Fair is a relatively new service, you might have heard about this company at least a few times. Fair is a company that is revolutionizing the rental car industry. In fact, Fair is more than just car rental – it is more like a leasing company. Perhaps the biggest perk of Fair is that drivers are not locked into a long-term lease (as what is custom of regular leases). On the contrary, Fair allows drivers the flexibility of little to no commitment with the option to change vehicles at any time. Fair also provides driver with a large variety of vehicles to choose from all at a low monthly payment. In fact, Fair has weekly payment options specifically for rideshare drivers, for example. Overall, Fair seems to be one of the most convenient options for people looking for a short-term vehicle – especially considering that everything is straightforward.

Comparing Fair to Traditional Auto Financing and Leasing

What is Fair Car Rental? How Does it Work?In general, leases are commitments of about 36 months (3 years). Similarly, loans usually come with terms of 5 to 7 years. Fair represents an opportunity to have access to a car for more than a few months without the long-term commitment of a traditional lease. The one-time start payment to get a vehicle ensures that your monthly payments are low. After you sign up for Fair, you will have over 30 brands of vehicles to choose from. You can be certain that all vehicles available are high-quality vehicles that are both pre-owned and certified pre-owned. All the vehicles available are less than 6 years old with less than 70,000 miles – you can be sure that you will be getting a reliable vehicle. After you sign up and choose a car, you can walk into a designated dealership to pick up your vehicle. It is as simple as that.

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How does Fair Work?

To get started, you download the mobile application, upload a photo of your license, and choose a car. There are a quite a few things that you should be familiar with, including the admin fee and the start payment. The admin fee is an administrative fee charged for the processing and handling for the transaction to get your vehicle. The start payment is an upfront fee that is due at signing (vehicle pick-up); the start payment depends on the specific value of the vehicle. Your first monthly payment is due as soon as you upfront before getting your vehicle. Because payments are generally upfront, you are billed in advanced for the entire month-period. What if you return the vehicle before the rental period that you already paid for expires? You won’t have to worry about taking a loss for returning your vehicle early. If you return your car before the period expires, you will receive a prorated credit on your final bill; in other words, you will not be charged for any unused days.

Fair is Worry-Free

Fair has a 3-Day No Risk Return policy that allows drivers up to 3 days (and 100 miles) to bring the vehicle back after signing for a full refund – of both the starting payment and the first payment for the rental, given that the Fair vehicle is still in good condition. After the 3 days (or 100 miles) the initial start payment is non-refundable. To prevent abuse of their worry-free structure, Fair only allows their clients to cancel their agreements for full refunds only once every 12 months. Comparing Fair to Traditional Auto Financing and Leasing In addition to a no-risk return policy, Fair vehicles come with specific coverage that provides drivers with peace of mind. this includes a limited warranty, routine maintenance, and roadside assistance, for example. Additional coverage is available. For instance, drivers can choose to add Fair insurance, which includes both comprehensive and collision coverage. Fair insurance consist of the following coverage limits: $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident through bodily injury liability; $50,000 per accident through property damage liability; $50,000 per person through uninsured motorist coverage; $100,000 per accident through underinsured motorist coverage; $5,000 for medical coverage. The deductable is $500, which also includes comprehensive and collision coverage. It is important to note that these insurance limits do not apply to rideshare drivers – as they are often provided with specialized commercial coverage through their rideshare companies.

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When You Find Yourself Needing Legal Assistance

Although Fair is designed to be as simple as possible for clients, it is normal for their clients to be involved in auto accidents. Whether you have coverage through Fair or coverage through both fair and a rideshare company, it is likely that you might encounter a few difficulties after being involved in an accident. If you find yourself in need of a lawyer after a Fair accident, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Downtown L.A. Law Group as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable attorneys are ready to provide you with all the information that you need to pursue a claim and recover the compensation that you deserve. We offer free legal services through our Zero-Fee guarantee. We also offer a contingency structure that ensures that our clients will only pay after reaching a successful claim outcome. If you would like to learn more about your rights after a Fair car accident, do not hesitate to contact our law firm at your earliest convenience.
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