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Average Settlement Value of an Enterprise Car Accident Claim

Average Settlement Value of an Enterprise Car Accident Claim If you have been involved in a car accident with an Enterprise rental car, you should take appropriate legal action. You may want to learn more about the value of your claim or what you could potentially earn if you continue with your lawsuit. We know that there are many questions are a crash, and we can help you get the answers you need and the compensation you deserve. The Downtown LA Law Group is here for you.

Enterprise Car Accident Details

There are many ways that a car accident can happen, especially if there is a rental car involved. A rental car driver may not be too familiar with the area in which he is driving, and he may not be aware of local laws and regulations. He also may not be familiar with the terrain; for example, someone who has never driven on extensive hills may not know how to adjust his speed accordingly and how to best park. These errors can easily lead to accidents, and the driver of the rental car can be held responsible for the damages and injuries. Many other Enterprise rental car accidents are caused by drivers acting carelessly or dangerously. They may drive while drunk, drive while fatigued, speed, turn without signaling, tailgate, run stop signs, run red lights, and more. These drivers should be forced to pay all the damages they rack up. However, a defective vehicle can also contribute to the crash in some way. There may be troubles with the engine and brakes, for example, or the tires could be improperly inflated.

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Enterprise insurance claims

There are various injuries that can stem from car accidents involving rental cars, especially if the driver is not paying attention. He may get involved in a T-bone accident or head-on collision, which can cause extreme damage. Some injuries include:

Average Settlement Value of an Budget Car Accident Claim
  • Knee and hip injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Dislocations
  • Concussions
  • Neck and spinal cord injuries
  • Disc problems
  • Closed head injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Severed limbs
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Muscle damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Crushing injuries
  • Puncture wounds
  • Scarring
  • Paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Death

These injuries can be extremely severe and may result in permanent changes to your life and routine. The damage could take months to heal, if ever. You should be sure to pursue legal action with the help of one of our Enterprise rental car accident lawyers.

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How to Sue Enterprise

If you wish to sue Enterprise, you must be able to show that you were owed a duty of care that was breached in some way and resulted in an accident that caused you physical harm. This is the basis for all personal injury claims, but in most events, you will only be able to sue the driver of the rental car. Enterprise cannot be held accountable if the driver caused the crash. However, you can file a lawsuit against Enterprise if it is discovered that they contributed to the accident. A representative may have allowed someone to unlawfully rent a vehicle; if that individual gets into an accident, Enterprise is on the hook for the ensuing expenses. In order to legally rent a car from Enterprise, the individual must be over 21 years old and possess a driver’s license and valid insurance coverage. There are times when an agent simply does not check materials at all and allows anyone to rent a car. The company should not have allowed the person behind the wheel, and will thus be accountable for his actions.

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In addition, the vehicles must be properly inspected and maintained when they are returned to the rental agency. Many agents do not check the vehicles for damages and just rent them out to the next set of customers. This is extremely dangerous, as some cars may have problems that are urgent and need to be fixed. If an agent does not discover an issue and an accident happens because of it, the company can be held responsible. You can call our Enterprise rental car crash lawyers to help you with your lawsuit against the company.

What To Do After An Accident With An Enterprise Rental Car

If you were involved in an accident with an Enterprise rental car, you should make sure to follow these steps. You should stay safe after an incident, but you should also be prepared to gather your evidence for a lawsuit. If you have to leave the scene to go to the hospital, you should rely on another source to collect what evidence he can from the site of the crash while you are gone. First, get medical treatment from the paramedics if they went to the scene of the accident, or go to the hospital or doctor yourself. Even if you do not believe you were hurt, you should still get treatment. If there is a gap between the accident and your treatment, the insurance agent could claim that you were hurt in another occurrence. Next, collect hard evidence and photographs and videos of the damage you suffered. This can include pictures of your injuries, pictures of the damage to your car and the rented Enterprise vehicle, videos of the scene of the crash, the rental agreement, credit card statements showing the transaction was valid, and more. Go around to any eyewitnesses and bystander who could give you their testimony on what happened, as the additional evidence will be crucial to your case. The police may have come to conduct an investigation, especially if there were injuries. It is recommended that you request for the police report to be sent to you so you can include it in your evidence package. It is recommended that you alert Enterprise to the incident so they are aware one of their vehicles was involved in a crash and they may need to provide a replacement. Finally, if you plan to sue, you should reach out to an expert attorney who has handled lawsuits against Enterprise for rental car accidents. After an accident, you may be severely injured and not in the best shape. You should focus on healing and getting better while we handle your case for you. An attorney can be the crucial difference between your claim getting thrown out and you wining over a million dollars in restitution.

Statute of Limitations for Your Lawsuit

You only have two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit against Enterprise for damages suffered in a rental car accident. If you do not sue within this two-year limit, you will be barred from pursuing compensation in the future and you won’t be able to have any coverage. There are a few ways that you can be exempt from the statute, though. The most common is if you are under the age of 18 at the time of the accident, which would cause your statute to not start until you turn legal age. You also may be severely hurt or injured to the point that you cannot file a lawsuit, so you will be able to once you return to functioning health. Lastly, if the defendant is not resent, you can have the time limit extended to match the time that he is gone. The statute will resume again when he returns to the state. If you do not know the time you have left on your lawsuit, our law firm can help. We’ll make sure that your claim is filed in the appropriate amount of time and will not let your case hit any snags or be close to missing any deadlines. Reach out to our Enterprise car crash lawyers today for more help.

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Average Value and Compensation for an Enterprise Car Crash Lawsuit

Clients often call us with inquiries about the average settlement value of an Enterprise car accident claim. There is no calculator that allows you to input your damages and receive a round sum that will be the compensation. Instead, an insurance agent will consider your injuries and come up with an offer based on their severity and their effect on your life. For the best settlement value, it is recommended that you speak with an attorney with ample experience in Enterprise car crash claims. We will negotiate the fairest deal from the insurance agent and will not give up until you get what you deserve. Our lawyers will make sure you are given the following forms of compensation:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Future medical treatment expenses
  • Future lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death damages
  • Punitive damages

The value of a claim will be greatly dependent on the severity of your injuries, the level of negligence you had in the accident, and more. Your claim may be worth in excess of $1,000,000, but in many situations, claims are only worth around $15,000 to $20,000. The numbers may be increased because high settlements pull the average up. The median is a much more accurate representation. Get in touch with our offices for more help with your Enterprise car accident claim.

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Free Second Opinion

You may already have an attorney handling your case, but you could not trust his strategy or you may not believe that he is doing everything in his power to win your claim. We will give you a free second opinion on your case and will work to let you know if you are being misrepresented. If you need assistance and wish to switch firms, we will gladly help you with the process. Often, attorneys will sign on cases and then refuse to pay them a lot of attention. They will try to settle quickly and for a small amount, which allows the lawyers to get swiftly paid and the insurance company to save money while the victim loses out. Our team at the Downtown LA Law Group promises to place you first and will dedicate our time and energy to winning you the restitution you need.

The Best Firm for You

The Downtown LA Law Group employs a team of expert Enterprise rental car accident lawyers who can help you with your lawsuit. We will aggressively negotiate the best deal and will make sure that your claim is at the top of the pile at all times. We will go to court if necessary to win your case and we will fight for your rights as a victim in front of a judge and jury. Call our attorneys at (855) 339-8879 for a free legal consultation. We will answer all your questions and give you our input on how much we think your claim is worth. We will tell you about our zero fee guarantee, which will allow you to spend no money on our services. We won’t get paid unless we win your claim, and the money will come from the insurance company providing the settlement. Let our Enterprise car accident lawyers assist you with your claim. Get in touch with the Downtown LA Law Group today.

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