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Post-traumatic Arthritis Injury Lawyer

What Is Posttraumatic Arthritis?

Post-traumatic arthritis or PTA is a condition that can develop after an accident that affects the joints. This condition will cause arthritis such as osteoarthritis in some cases after a slip and fall, trip and fall or after a serious car accident. The symptoms of this condition include:

  • Swelling of joints
  • Synovial effusion
  • Pain in the joints
  • Intra-articular bleeding
  • Limited range of motion
  • Reduced grip strength
  • Radial deviation
  • Pronation
  • Supination
  • Dorsal angulation
  • Post reduction
  • Ulnar variance
  • Radial inclination
  • Ligamentous injury
  • Anatomical changes
  • Loss of skeletal muscle mass
  • Articular incongruence
  • Longer time to heal after injury
  • Intercarpal ligamentous injury
  • High-energy trauma fractures

Developing Arthritis After an Accident or A Fall Injury

You may wonder how it is possible to develop post-traumatic arthritis after a fall or a car accident. What happens to the joint is that your fall will create a traumatic personal injury that will detrimentally affect the healing process. For example, if you slip and fall on your knee, you may have a knee injury that never quite heals properly. This will leave open the door for a post-traumatic arthritis to develop in that knee joint in later months or even years.

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Fracture or Ligament Tear Lawsuit Lawyer

You may have been injured in a car accident or fall, and may have suffered a fracture or ligament tear in your joints. This accident will sometimes lead to a post-traumatic arthritis that will develop over time in the same area of the traumatic injury you experienced. The reason for this issue medically, is that the mechanobiological pathogenesis takes effect after a trauma to the bones or joint. Said in plain English, there is fluid that will form after an injury to the joint, and this can increase rather than decrease during healing. That leaves the door open for you to develop a post-traumatic arthritis in that joint in the future. The inflamed joint areas have an inflammatory reaction, which can turn into a chronic post-traumatic arthritis of the joint. This condition will include swelling, severe pain and often internal bleeding.

This type of injury can result in a permanent disability in some people, which will prevent them from ever returning to gainful employment in the future. If you are permanently disabled because of a trip and fall, slip and fall or a car accident and developed post-traumatic arthritis, you need a knowledgeable legal team to have your back. We are just ready to talk to you today, and we are that legal team that you need to help you to get the recovery compensation that you require in this type of injury.

Attorney for Post-traumatic Arthritis from a Car Crash

If you have developed post-traumatic arthritis from a car crash, you need to call our office immediately. You may have been in a car crash with another vehicle, and that being tossed around in the car during the crash may have wrecked-havoc with your joints causing lasting issues. This may have prevented you from fully recovering from your car accident. As a result, the post-traumatic arthritis can develop later in those same joints. You may be disabled as a result of developing post-traumatic arthritis, and you will need to have specialist care for your prognosis possibly for the rest of your life. If this is the case for you, you need to call us today to get the help you need. You need to have a strong case attorney in our law office on your side, to get the full settlement package that is necessary to help you recover fully in this type of case.

Do I Have a Case for Post-traumatic Arthritis After an Accident or a Fall Injury?

Diagnosing the acute symptoms following joint trauma can be difficult to diagnose right away. After a fall or a car accident, you may have had an inflammatory condition that just never goes away. That is often a precursor to post-traumatic arthritis, but not always. This condition is complicated, because it is difficult to determine the mechanobiological, epigenetic changes or even inflammatory mechanisms that start the process to post-traumatic arthritis. All you will know is that your joints still ache months following a car accident or fall accident, in the time that you should have healed.

What Are the Phases of Healing for a Post-traumatic Arthritis?

There are definite phases to healing after a fall or car accident trauma to the joints. You will first experience the trauma, then have an intermediate phase where you will have systems in place to help your body heal. Next, you will have a phase where you have days or months of being asymptomatic and have no symptoms yet of post-traumatic arthritis. Following the asymptomatic phase, you will move on for months to years to a chronic phase, where the cartilage, molecular and cellular changes in the cartilage around the joint structures become more and more inflamed, and that is where your post-traumatic arthritis will take hold. This can take hold in your joints for years after an accident, and may never let up in keeping you uncomfortable, in pain, and experiencing a lowered quality of life as a result of an accidental fall or car accident.

Can I Sue for Post-traumatic Arthritis After an Accident or A Fall Injury?

Yes, you can sue for post-traumatic arthritis after an accident or a fall injury. You are able to give our law office a call today to get the ball rolling, to initiate your lawsuit on the merits of your specific case.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We know that there are other attorneys and law offices that would never consider offering to you a zero-fee guarantee. But we are out of the ordinary attorneys, and we offer a zero-fee guarantee all the time, and every day. That means that we don’t charge you any upfront fees before we will start working on your case. Just call us today to be connected with our legal team right now. You can discuss your issue with post-traumatic arthritis, and we will tell you your next steps to initiating a lawsuit on the merits for your claim.

Free Second Opinion

In order to get your free second opinion, you need to give us a call today. You may have had an issue with healing your joints and developed post-traumatic arthritis, which means your case needs special help to get it settled properly. You deserve a full settlement, and you will want to call us to discuss that issue as soon as possible.

Attorney With Experience in Post-traumatic Arthritis and Settlements

You can be “all set” very soon, but you have to give us a call to discuss your claim for post-traumatic arthritis after your accident. Our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit on your behalf, but it won’t get started unless you give us a call first today. You need to understand that our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue for you, and have a high level of experience with the big insurance companies. You can call us right now, to get started on your relief.

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Our attorneys are ready to take your call for a free consultation to manage and settle your claim for post-traumatic arthritis after an accident. Just call us this afternoon, to get the peace of mind you deserve right now.


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