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What evidence to collect suing over Bed Bugs

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, nocturnal creatures that feast on human blood. They are round, flat, and brown, and they can only move by crawling. It is common that people will mistake fleas for bed bugs, but fleas can jump and are noticeably larger. Bed bugs have a distinct musty odor and will usually make their nests in damp, dark places. When bed bugs bite, an anesthetic in the saliva prevents you from feeling pain and an anti-coagulant keeps the blood flowing. The creatures can drink blood for minutes at a time before moving to another spot. To make matters worse, their bites may not present or show up on the body for a few days.
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Which Evidence Do I Need To Collect In My Bed Bug Case?

What evidence to collect suing Over Bed BugsIt is crucial that you collect as much evidence as you can if you intend to file a bed bug lawsuit. The circumstances of your claim will determine some specific types of evidence for you to gather, but for the most part, you will need to do your due diligence to collect ample proof.

The evidence you should collect includes the following:

Photographs and videos of the bed bugs and evidence of the bed bugs. You should make sure to investigate all the common areas where bed bugs like to live, such as behind electrical outlets, underneath baseboards, underneath carpets, in drawers, in upholstery, underneath cushions, in mattress folds, and more. Signs of bed bugs include bloodstains left on sheets; small, brown droppings; tiny, white, oval-shaped eggs; and the creatures themselves. You can take as many photos as necessary to establish how extensive the problem is.
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Photographs of the injuries and bites you suffered. Most times, bed bug bites show up in a zigzag pattern as raised welts that may itch. It is not uncommon for these bites to turn into sores, and in some less common cases, will yield an allergic reaction. The bites may also fester and turn into sores, leaving you open for infections. Proof that you were bitten will be very important in your lawsuit. What evidence to collect suing Over Bed BugsA medical report from the doctor or hospital after you received treatment for your injuries. The medical report can include the doctor’s notes and what the treatment entailed, and whether or not you need additional procedures for more help. You can also hold on to the medical bill and should make sure to have proof of the insurance claim if necessary.
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If you were a tenant in an apartment, you should make sure to procure any photos taken before you moved in. They could come in handy to show that there were bed bugs present or a previous history of an infestation. You can also present a copy of your lease agreement, which will likely be used to show that it is illegal for you to be subjected to any vermin or unsanitary living conditions. If you were a patron in a hotel, you should present a copy of the receipt of your stay. You must show that you paid for services as a legal customer. You can also file an incident report with the hotel and should keep a copy of this as well. Further, any evidence you procure in the hotel should be gathered as soon as you discover the bites or bed bugs. If you alert the hotel to the problem, the staff will likely usher you from the room and clean it before you can take any pictures. They will then bar you from reentering, preventing you from getting what you need.
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How Long Do I Have To File A Claim For Bed Bugs?

A bed bug lawsuit is a premises liability claim under personal injury. Therefore, you have 2 years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. If you do not take action within this time, you will be unable to do so in the future. The statute of limitations can be temporarily put on hold if the defendant leaves the state for a period of time. You will not have to worry about anything counting down until he returns. Once he gets back to the state, the time limit will pick up where it left off when he had departed. It can be confusing to remember when the exact date of the injuries were, and it could be troublesome to keep track of all the relevant dates as weeks go by. It is highly recommended that you get legal assistance with your claim. Our lawyers will make sure that your documents are filed on time and that there is no risk at all of you missing a deadline.
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