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Collection Agency Stole My Money, What Should I Do?

Collection Agency Stole My Money, What Should I Do? With today’s economy many hard working people have become victim to a recent scam involving credit or collection agencies stealing funds from either debtors or parties who use their services. Our offices at Downtown LA Law have dealt with cases involving collection agencies attempting to collect a debt which is either not due, is past the statute of limitations period or discharged by bankruptcy. If you are victim of such issues contact our offices for a free consultation, we can give you a fair and honest analysis of your case without any cost to you. Other types of fraud include collection agencies who are employed on behalf of a creditor to collect a past due debt, however they engage in deceitful practices and often settle without proper authority or approval. Creditors including businesses who employ such scrupulous agencies are often faced with the harsh reality of losing not only the monies collected by the agency, but also face the possibility of having the debt collected being discharged. Additionally, many such crimes go un-punished because victims are not certain which parties to contact and often times the stolen amount is not actionable. Collection agencies that participate in this type of fraud are aware of how the system works and know that theft below a certain dollar amount will go un-punished and they generally suffer no recourse. However our offices can help with your recovery at absolutely no cost to you. We can help you recover all or part of your lost funds and our fees are paid entirely based off of what we collect. Our firm knows what it’s like to be a victim to such acts and the devastation it can cause and we are here to help. Downtown LA Law collection agency attorneys and receivable fraud attorneys can help with your recovery. We will contact the appropriate agencies and make sure that justice is served and will aggressively pursue your claim. If you have been a victim of collection agency fraud don’t wait we can help you recover for your lost money. Contact us today at 855-385-2529 for a free case evaluation. You pay nothing unless we recover.
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