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Mirena Lawsuit – Class Action Claim 2013

Mirena Lawsuit – Class Action Claim 2013 The Mirena IUD is contraceptive linked to severe medical health complications in the United States. Common dangerous side effects due to the use of the Mirena IUD birth control device include perforation of the uterine wall, pelvic inflammation, migration, infertility, severe pelvic pain, organ damage, severe infections including chronic pelvic inflammation, development of ovarian cysts, and fetal miscarriage. Below is important information for individuals who have suffered severe complications due to the use of Mirena IUD and are seeking legal recourse via the filing of either a class action lawsuit or a single party claim against manufacturers of the dangerous female contraceptive.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit – Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining

Class actions lawsuit are brought forth when there is a sizeable number of victims with similar or near identical claims against one defendant. The purpose of a class action lawsuit if for judicial efficiency and redaction of litigation costs. At the conclusion of a class action claim each plaintiff will be awards a portion of the settlement or jury award. Even if the injuries sustained may be of differing levels of severity, the amount of money awarded to each plaintiff will be the same in a class action lawsuit. For example if a class action lawsuit where 100 class members receive $100,000,000 in total each plaintiff will be awarded the same amount of settlement equaling to $1,00,000 per person. A significant issues which arises is that in many instances certain individuals who have suffered injuries at a much greater extent than others in the class will not be awarded a larger settlement amount. Learn More About Your Options – Legal Assistance: Too learn more about whether a class action lawsuit or a single party claim is more suitable for your case feel free to contact our attorneys by calling toll free (855)385-2529. All consultations are free of charge and confidential.

Proving Your Case in Court – Product Liability Lawsuit Information

Mirena claims are based on a defective product cause of action. Generally there are three ways in which a product liability claim can be proven in the court of law.
  • Defect in the original design of the product
  • Defect in the manufacturing process so that the sold product is significantly more dangerous than the original design
  • Labeling defect – failure to provide for proper warning labels
Victims right to compensation: Individual with significant injuries due to the use of the Mirena IUD contraceptive are entitled to compensation for all economic and non economic damages including recovery for medical and health related expenses, future cost of medical and rehabilitation care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. Further Infomration Regarding Mirena IUD Lawsuits: Statute of Limitations for Filing a Lawsuit for Mirena Average Mirena Case Settlement Ammount


I have not had children. Mirena was recommended to me. This was prior to the declaration of Mirena not for women without children. I got a pamphlet of information, took several months to think about it, then scheduled an appointment for insertion. The doctor asked me right when he was going to insert it if I had children. I said no, he seemed to contemplate my response (paused for what seemed a few minutes), then inserted it. It was the most pain I have ever experienced. I was at the office unable to leave for almost an hour. I have not seen that doctor again. I went to a new doctor who removed the device, treated me for infection, performed an ablation, and my abdomen has never been the same. I have been to doctor after doctor to diagnose the cause of my pain to no avail. I have asked for an MRI and have been denied. The gastro doctor I was sent to, after performing several tests, now tells me to “treat my anxiety”. I know something is wrong. I can’t participate in my normal activities. I am in constant pain. My health is deteriorating due to lack of activity which is also evidenced by my regular wellness checks. I am frustrated and wondering if the bad Mirena placement is the cause to all these issues. Please advise me as to how to proceed.

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