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Laser Hair Removal Burns Infections Lawyer | Electrolysis Negligence

Laser hair removal has long been used by many for the removal of un-wanted hair; however many times such procedures cause serious burns and skin infections to the patient.Conact our Psonal Injury Lawyers Today Causes for harm can include a number of factors such as, improperly calibrated equipment, lack of training by the staff or negligence. If you have been injured as a result of visiting a laser hair removal clinic or an electrolysis you may be entitled to recovery for your damages. Contact our offices at 855-385-2529 for a free case evaluation.

Common Injuries From Laser Hair Removal Negligence

There are multiple injuries which may occur from visiting such clinics. If the operator fails to properly train, supervise or employ technicians with qualified experience then they may be liable for injuries. Common injuries related to such treatment include:
  • Deep tissue burns across the treated area;
  • Skin infections;
  • Multiple infections caused by exposure to bacteria;
  • Sexually Transmitted diseases;
  • Scarring from burns
If you have been injured as a result of visiting a hair removal spa or hair removal clinic our Los Angeles hair removal attorneys at Downtown LA Law can help with your recovery. We have the resources and experience to make sure you procure the maximum settlement for your injuries.

Who Is Liable for my Laser Hair Removal Injuries?

A common question from our clients is liability. While this seems like a simple question there are in-fact multiple factors to consider when determining liability. Chief amongst the factors include the training of the employees, the type of machine used and whether there was any other party who may have been negligent. It is possible that the operators failed to properly inspect or train/supervise their employees so as to avoid injury. Generally laser hair removal facilities are required to supervise their employees in order to avoid injuries and to ensure they are properly qualified to perform the procedure. However, many times such spa’s and hair removal centers or hair removal spa’s fail to make sure their staff is properly trained and or supervised. When a poorly trained staff member or one that is not supervised performs the procedure the operator of the facility can be held liable for the injuries.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal is a rather simple procedure where the use of thermal or light technology is used to remove the hair follicle from its root. The purpose of the procedure is to reduce hair growth and to preserve the skin around the hair follicle. However, many times the heat emission can be extreme causing serious burns and infections. Many times those who are not candidates for the procedure including those who have fair skin are not informed of the potential dangers. In such instances the patient or customer suffers serious discoloring or the pigment of their skin. Such discoloration can cause an array of both physical and emotional problems. A list of the lasers used includes:
  • Alexandrite Lasers;
  • Ruby lasers including Epitouch;
  • Diode, and;
  • ND and LP ND lasers.
While these lasers are FDA approved there is still a possibility of serious injury resulting from the improper use of the equipment.

What should I do After a Laser Burn Injury

If you have suffered an injury medical treatment should be sough immediately. We recommend documenting all information related to your claim. Documentation includes:
  • Receipts;
  • Names of witnesses;
  • Name and type of machine used;
  • Medical records;
  • Photos of your injuries prior to treatment;
  • Detailed facts regarding the incident.
Detailed records are imperative to helping your case. Keep all records for review by your attorney. Our offices will look at all documents and thoroughly investigate in order to maximize your recovery. Photos of your injuries and medical records are essential to building your case.

How We Can Help:  If you have any questions regarding your case call us today for a free case evaluation. Our offices will help you to your road to recovery.

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