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Royal Caribbean Food Poisoning Lawsuit – Majesty of the Seas Class Action

Royal Caribbean Food Poisoning Lawsuit – Majesty of the Seas Class Action According to the most recent media reports close to seventy passengers on board the Majesty of the Seas Royal Caribbean cruise line have fell ill due to a stomach illness linked to tainted food onboard the vessel. The ship was on a Caribbean rout including port in the Bahamas and Key West Florida, finally docking in Miami harbor. According Royal Caribbean officials there were 2,500 passengers on board with 800 crew members two of which fell ill as well. Evidence of the specific viral or bacterial agent causing the mass illness had yet to be reported however Norovirus seem to be the most likely culprit. Lawsuit Information: Our law firm is currently investigating potential class action (mass tort) as well as single party claims against the owners and operators of Royal Caribbean cruise line in behalf of injured passengers. If you or a loved one have fallen ill while onboard the Majesty of the Seas cruise ship contact our law offices today. All legal consultations regarding your claim are provided free of charge. Financial Recovery Available for Victims of Cruise Ship Food Poisoning: Victims of serious injuries due to the negligent or wrongful actions of cruise ship operators are entitled to monetary restitution for all harms suffered. A determination of the settlement amount in cruise ship food borne illness claims is based on several important factors including
  • The extent of the physical harm suffered – evidenced via hospitalization, time required for recuperation, other medical expenses, and rehabilitation costs.
  • Other types of economic damages – including lost wages, loss of future earnings, requirement for future medical and rehabilitation care, and property damage.
  • Non Economic damage – recover for pain and suffering including bouts of depression, PTSD and anxiety disorders.
What to Do if You have Suffered From Food Poisoning on a Cruise Ship: If you have suffered from food poisoning seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Certain filing deadlines and timing limitations may result in the elimination of your right to pursue recovery. Further Information: Food Poisoning Lawsuits Claims Against Cruise Ships  


My extended family and I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise on the Enchantment Of The Sea on Nov. 17, 2011; embankment was Baltimore Maryland. There were at least a few hundred passengers who became severely ill on the ship. Are there any suits pertaining to this cruise that you’re aware of?
Thank you


Wow! I was on Majesty of the Seas the week of December 2014. After eating dinner (I had escargot) about 4 hours later I was in so much pain (lower stomach) and just under ribs. At 11:00 pm this night (Thursday) I began throwing up and having severe cramping and loose bowels that were like water. This lasted through 6:00 am when I finally was empty. I a m the only person I’ve ever heard of that lost weight on a cruise. My husband did not eat the snail and he never got sick. It wasn’t a virus, or he would have gotten it from me. It was my very first experience with real food poisoning.


One more thing, whey Royal C. sent an email asking how our cruise was I did email them back telling them how I got sick eating their food. They never got back to me. Someone needs to check the food quality on that ship.

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