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Downed Power Line Injury Attorney | Electric Company Liability and Lawsuits

Fallen Overhead high voltage electric power lines pose a serious risk of electrocution injuries. Every year thousands are injured or killed by downed power lines; those who are injures are left with painful electrical burn injuries and indescribable pain and suffering.  All too often power circuits do not automatically shut off when power lines and electrical equipment are downed.  Additionally downed power lines will energize objects that are touched including fences, water pipes, trees, buildings, other electric cables, aluminum roofs and sidings, car, and public transportation vehicles. Live power lines can even travel through ground and cause electrocutions even if you have not touched the fallen wires. Attorney Representation: Fallen electrical line injuries are difficult personal injury matters requiring expert attorney representation.  If you or your loved one have suffered injuries caused by the downed power line contact the personal injury attorneys at the Downtown LA Law Group. Common fallen power line accidents: Downed power line accident can occur in many ways.  Some of the most common accidents involving power lines are as follows.
  • Trees falling on power lines – often caused by failure of property owner to properly maintain trees in his property
  • Constriction site falling objects o including falling scaffolding form buildings and ladders
  • Large truck and vehicles hitting power lines
  • Weather and climactic conditions – including high winds, rain, hail, and lightning
  • Construction cranes hitting power lines
  • Failure of electrical company to fix power lines
  • Defectively installed power lines
  • Excavation and drilling near the power lines
  • Dump trucks and concrete pumps hitting power lines
  • Underground construction or water pipes

How to protect yourself forma downed power line

There are three major types of power lines which account for the majority of electrocution accidents; they include (1) High Voltage Transmission Lines (2) Distribution Lines (3) Service Drop Lines. There are many steps which can be taken in order to protect yourself and your loved ones form electrocutions cause by downed power lines. Some steps which should take are as follows.
  • Never touch a downed power line even if you believe it is insulated
  • Don’t touch any objects near the down power line. Such object can become energized by any direct or indirect contact with the power line
  • If your in a vehicle struck by a power line remain in the car unless it catches on fire
  • Always stay at least 30 yards away from down power lines
  • Stay away from power lines when there is a storm, or construction near the power line

Power Line Lawsuits – Electrocution Injury Attorneys

If you have suffered electrocution injuries from a fallen power line contact the Downtown LA Law Group.  Our expert legal team will be able to analyze you claim and determine the best legal course of action so that you can be fully compensated for your injuries. All initial consultations are free of charge and we don’t charge you a dime until you receive compensation for your injuries. Statute of Limitations for Filing a Downed Powerline Lawsuit: A statute of limitations is the deadline an injured individual has to file a personal injury lawsuit. The statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is predicated on the entity of the party that is being sued. Claims against government entities must first be filed as an administrative claim within SIX MONTHS (120 days) from the date of the accident. Claims against non-governmental or private entities must be filed no later than TWO YEARS (2 years) from the date of the injury. Further Information:

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