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Statler Youth Center Lawsuit Attorney

Statler Youth Center Lawsuit Attorney compensation lawyer attorney sue

From peer pressure to online bullying, teenagers face countless challenges as they grow into adulthood. That’s why it’s essential to have a support system of adults they can rely on, but many kids come from backgrounds with significant disadvantages. This includes parents who are struggling to make ends meet or those that are dealing with drug addiction, lack of parenting skills, and many other issues. As a result, teenagers need somewhere they can go to for help and socialization.

The Statler Youth Center is a community center operated by the City of Perris, where kids 11 to 17 years old can engage in a variety of fun and engaging activities. Also known as the Statler Teen Center, this should be a place where kids receive counseling and support from a team of caring adults. Sadly, community centers can also attract child molesters that cause devastating harm to victims and their loved ones.

When there is an incident of child sexual abuse at the Statler Youth Center, it’s more than likely that the city government failed to take preventative measures. Even if they did, these officials are required to take all abuse allegations seriously and conduct a thorough investigation while ensuring that the accused employee is kept away from the center. But we have seen countless examples of gross negligence by city and county agencies, which is why a toxic culture of child abuse exists at so many youth centers.

If someone at the Statler Youth Center sexually abused you or your child, you can seek justice by filing a lawsuit for monetary damages. For more information on suing the City of Perris for sexual abuse at the Statler Teen Center, please contact our office.

Statler Youth Center Lawsuit Attorney lawyer compensation incident liability
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Can I File a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit against the Statler Youth Center?

Yes, you can file a lawsuit if you were sexually abused at the Statler Youth Center due to negligence and/or misconduct by the people who were in charge of keeping you safe. This includes employees at the center, supervisors and administrators, and officials at the city level.

Typically, the party you are suing is the City of Perris, as the Statler Teen Center is a city-owned property. That means the city is responsible for staying on top of what goes on at the facility, like whether they are meeting health and safety standards. They must also take swift and decisive action when there are allegations of sexual abuse or signs of an inappropriate relationship between an adult and a child that is enrolled at the center.

In reality, these entities are slow to act, if they do act at all. Even more disturbing is the fact that actions are taken to protect the abusive staff member, rather than the victim. Or, they are interested in protecting their own jobs and reputations and ensuring that they continue to receive funding from the city. At the end of the day, personal and professional interests have priority over a child’s physical and emotional well-being, which is why sexual predators often apply for jobs and volunteer opportunities at these organizations.

If you are someone that was sexually abused at the Statler Youth Center, it’s not too late to fight for justice and hold the city accountable for their failure to protect you. Contact our law firm and schedule a free case evaluation with one of our legal experts.

Can I File a Statler Youth Center Sexual Abuse Class Action Lawsuit?

Yes, you can file a class action claim for being sexually abused at the Statler Youth Center or any other community organization operated by the City of Perris. With the number of families that rely on this teen center, there’s no telling how many children were victimized by a predatory staff member. All these victims coming together and filing a class action lawsuit can be a very effective solution, though whether it’s right for you depends on your own circumstances. With that in mind, please take this opportunity to contact us and talk about your legal options with a Statler Youth Center sexual abuse attorney.

Average Settlement Value of a Teen Center Sexual Abuse Case

Compensation from a lawsuit for sexual abuse at the Statler Youth Center will vary significantly, though you can expect payments to be in the 6 to 7 figure range. For those who are sexually assaulted, settlements can start at around the $2,000,000 mark and go all the way up to $10,000,000 and above. As a victim of sexual harassment (sexting, solicitation for sexual content, etc.), your settlement value for a Statler Teen Center child sexual abuse claim may be $1,500,000 or less.

Despite these estimates, please keep in mind that an experienced attorney is your best source of information if you want to know how much you can receive from a sexual abuse lawsuit against a city youth center.

How Long Do these Lawsuits Take to Settle?

Settling a Statler Youth Center sexual assault lawsuits normally take around 12 to 24 months. If there is a need to try your case in court, it can take 3 years or longer to resolve a lawsuit for the sexual abuse of a minor. But less than 5% of all sexual misconduct cases go to trial, so we expect that your case will be settled by exchanging settlement offers with the City of Perris. The problem is, we can’t predict just how long this will take, which is why the actual amount of time to reach a settlement can vary from just a few weeks to over 2 years. But we know from decades of experience that these are complex cases with specific legal requirements that only apply to lawsuits against the government. With that in mind, you are generally looking at a time period of at least 1 year to negotiate a settlement award.

Statler Youth Center Lawsuit Attorney compensation lawyer attorney sue
How Long You have for a Statler Youth Center Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

As a minor at the time of the incident, you have 22 years to file a lawsuit from when you turn the age of consent under California law. Thus, people generally consider the age of 40 as the deadline to sue Statler Youth Center for child sexual abuse. If you are older than 40, though, is there any option for you to go ahead with a lawsuit?

Thankfully, there is a 5-year rule for injuries that are discovered by child sexual abuse victims after they are past the statute of limitations. Injuries can certainly involve physical harm, but these cases usually involve mental health issues that are common among children who repress incidents of sexual assault and exploitation. Suppression of trauma is extremely common with kids that come from low-income and dysfunctional backgrounds, though it can actually happen with victims of any age. Frankly, the vast majority of our clients don’t understand that these are injuries caused by sexual abuse until they start receiving therapy.

This is why there is no age limit for when you discover the physical or emotional harm from sex abuse during your childhood. You may be past the age of 40 by this point, but you still have 5 years to file a claim and seek the compensation you deserve from the City of Perris.

Contact DTLA Law Group

By now, you probably have a list of questions and concerns about your rights as a victim of child sexual abuse. Though you need advice, you are worried about how much it will cost you to hire an experienced Statler Teen Center sexual abuse lawyer.

You don’t have to worry about that, since our legal team works on contingency. Instead of billing you for the cost of legal fees, this is paid by the City of Perris and included in the settlement you receive from a successful lawsuit. What happens if we don’t recover your settlement? We offer a Zero Fee Guarantee, so you pay $0 if we don’t win your case.

We are here 24/7, so contact us immediately to learn about your rights and legal options if you or your child was sexually abused while attending the Statler Youth Center in Perris, California.

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