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Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex Sexual Abuse Attorney

Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex Sexual Abuse Attorney liability compensation lawyer attorney sue

Were you or a member of your family sexually abused as an inmate at the Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex, located at 2840 W. Sandy Mush Rd, Merced, CA 95341? Would you like information on your legal rights as a victim of childhood sexual abuse?

The Iris Garrett Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex is a detention center for youths that are guilty of serious offenses. The facility seeks to rehabilitate these kids through a variety of educational and mental health services, thereby helping them transition back into society without posing a threat to themselves and others.

According to the facility’s website, the Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex provides inmates with a “safe and healthy environment, with an emphasis on individual growth and community success.” Clearly, these goals cannot be achieved through neglect and abuse, but that’s precisely what you will find at many juvenile halls throughout California.

Regardless of an inmate’s offense, sexual abuse has no place within the walls of a juvenile detention center. But the culture of sexual assault is alive and well among those who work with children in the juvenile justice system. Our goal is to help you obtain justice by going after the people that failed in their duty of care to you. We can’t say that the road to recovery will be easy, but succeeding in a lawsuit can help you feel empowered, while providing you with the needed funds to move forward with your life. Call us today and ask to speak with a lawyer who can sue Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex for the sexual abuse of a minor.

Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex Sexual Abuse Attorney sexual abuse sue compensation incident liability
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Can I Sue for being Sexually Abused at the Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex?

Yes, you have the right to file a lawsuit if you were sexually abused during your stay at the Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex. Through a lawsuit, you can obtain damages to compensate you for the physical and emotional trauma of sexual abuse at a juvenile detention facility. These include economic damages like medical expenses and lost income, along with non-economic damages (emotional distress, pain and suffering, etc.).

Minors under California laws are defined as individuals under 18 years of age. Thus, if an adult at the Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex engaged with you in a sexual manner, that constitutes child sexual abuse. And contrary to popular belief, you do not have to say no or fight back in order to file a claim for sexual misconduct. As a minor, you cannot legally consent to sexual acts, so in these situations, the adult is at fault for taking advantage of someone that is unable to make informed choices about sex. That’s why you are allowed to file criminal charges and/or sue the person that abused you in a sexual manner.

But the perpetrator of sexual abuse is not the only entity that can be sued when inmates are mistreated at the Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex. Were administrators of the facility aware of sexual abuse allegations against one of their employees? If so, did they fully investigate the claims and take additional measures to protect the victim? Did officials of the Merced County Probation Department take steps to protect other inmates, like suspending or firing the staff member upon credible allegations of abuse?

We find that failure to act by these entities, or even take accusations from inmates seriously, is the biggest contributing factor to incidents of sexual assault and harassment at a youth detention center. Such negligence and misconduct must be punished to the fullest extent of the law, which is our sole motivation at DTLA Law Group.

Can I File a Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex Sexual Abuse Class Action Lawsuit?

Have you been thinking about joining a lawsuit with other victims of sexual abuse at the Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex? Filing a class action lawsuit is very common when there are allegations of sexual assault and harassment of inmates at a juvenile hall. It makes sense for all the injured parties to file one lawsuit at the same time, but you are not required to join a class action claim if it’s in your best interest to file a lawsuit on your own.

To determine if a class action claim is right for you, please contact our law firm. We will connect you with a sexual assault lawsuit attorney, who can answer all your questions and advise you of the available legal options.

Amount of Compensation for a Juvenile Inmate Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

The average case value of a juvenile hall sex abuse case is $1,500,000 to $5,000,000, with sexual assault cases generating higher payments that those involving sexual harassment. In particular, sexual assault lawsuits resulting in severe emotional and/or physical harm can be worth up to $10,000,000. But there are many issues that affect how much you can receive from a sexual abuse lawsuit against the Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex.

You may have seen case values of $100,000,000 or higher with some of these lawsuits, but these amounts are reserved for class action claims that are filed on behalf of multiple people. A juvenile hall abuse class action lawsuit often includes hundreds of class members, so a 9-figure settlement value would make sense.

Our attorneys are here for you if you need help figuring out how much you can receive for being sexually abused at the Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex. Give us a call and schedule a free consultation with one of our legal experts.

Reaching a Settlement – How Long will it Take?

Investigating a case, preparing a lawsuit, and working towards a settlement that both sides agree on can take 1 to 2 years when it comes to a juvenile hall sexual abuse lawsuit. If we are unable to obtain a fair settlement offer, we may have to try your case in court. Please note that these incidents are very uncommon, as government agencies know that it’s in their best interest to settle a case out of court. With that in mind, it’s possible that you will be offered a fair amount of compensation within 6 months. However, the majority of sexual abuse cases involving minors take anywhere from 12 to 36 months.

Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex Sexual Abuse Attorney liability compensation lawyer attorney sue
Is there a Time Limit to File a Lawsuit against the Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex?

Yes, there is a statutory deadline of 22 years following your 18th birthday if you wish to sue the Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex for sexual abuse. By adding 22 and 18, you can see that a lawsuit must be filed by the time you are 40 years old. But you may have heard of lawsuits being filed by victims that are much older, and as a result, you are probably wondering about the statute of limitations for a child sexual abuse claim.

The actual deadline may depend on when you discover an injury caused by sexual assault or abuse while you were less than 18 years old. For some people, they realize soon into adulthood that sexual abuse has caused many dysfunctions, i.e., mental health disorders, which can form the basis for a juvenile inmate abuse lawsuit. Other will take much longer to make this connection, so they may be over 40 years of age when they discover the impact of sexual abuse on their lives. If the connection is made after the statute of limitations has expired, you have 5 years from the date of discovery to file a lawsuit for child sexual abuse.

Talk to a Child Sexual Assault Lawsuit Lawyer

Victims of sexual abuse need counsel from an experienced attorney in order to decide whether a lawsuit is in their best interest. However, the cost of hiring an attorney is beyond most people’s reach. Finances should never get in the way of victims and the justice they are entitled to. Here at DTLA Law Group, clients pay $0 in legal fees, which are paid for by Merced County as long as we win your case. If we lose, you pay absolutely nothing under the terms of the Zero Fee Guarantee.

To explore the option of suing for sexual abuse at Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation.

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