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Tehama County Juvenile Hall Lawsuit Lawyer

Tehama County Juvenile Hall Lawsuit compensation lawyer attorney sue

Tehama County Juvenile Hall, officially known as the Tehama County Juvenile Detention Facility, is located at 1790 Walnut Street, Red Bluff, CA 96080. The facility is operated by the Tehama County Probation Department, which is responsible for truancy cases, minor infractions, violent crimes, and other offenses that are committed by underage individuals.

This facility has a 50 inmate capacity, which is lower than many other juvenile halls in California. As a result, administrators take pride in the extra attention and guidance they are able to provide for each inmate. Tehama County Juvenile Hall also has various programs that allow offenders to give back to the community, like the Senior Nutrition Program, which cooks and delivers meals to the elderly throughout the county.

However, innovative programs are not a guarantee that inmates are safe from physical and sexual abuse during their stay at Tehama County Juvenile Detention Facility. From decades of fighting for the rights of juvenile inmates, we know that sexual assault, harassment, and solicitation occur at juvenile halls on a daily basis.

If you or someone you know was sexually abused by a Tehama County probation officer or another juvenile justice staff member, please take a moment to contact us. A lawyer who can sue Tehama County Juvenile Hall for sexual abuse will advise you of your rights and bring you the compensation you deserve.

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Can I Sue for being Sexually Abused at Tehama County Juvenile Hall?

Yes, you can file a lawsuit against Tehama County Juvenile Hall if you were sexually abused by someone that works for or used to work for the facility. This is based on the fact that the County owes you a duty of care as someone staying at one of its youth detention centers. If there was a failure on their part to protect you from sexual abuse, you would have grounds to sue Tehama County for sexual abuse of a minor.

To understand how the county is liable for these incidents, consider the fact that most juvenile halls and camps have consistently failed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for youth offenders. Poor leadership, inexperienced staff, and failing to take action against harsh treatment of inmates is a way of life at these locations, as we can tell you from the clients we have represented over the years.

Most of our clients knew to stay quiet about what they were experiencing, as the prison system does not look kindly upon snitches. The inmates that complained were beaten, placed in solitary confinement, denied basic necessities, or had time added onto their sentences. Seeing what happens when you tell the truth, it’s no wonder that these kids felt like they had nowhere to turn.

As adults, these individuals are finally demanding justice from the Tehama County Probation Department, and we are proud to be a part of their journey to recovery. We hope to do the same for you, which is why we urge you to contact us and learn about your rights and legal options.

How can be Part of a Tehama County Juvenile Hall Sex Abuse Class Action Lawsuit?

Here at DTLA Law Group, we have a team of experienced class action lawyers who are ready to assist you with a Tehama County Juvenile Hall inmate abuse class action claim. Since 2019, changes in the laws have resulted in numerous class action lawsuits on behalf of those who were mistreated while staying at a youth detention center. Due to the number of people who are eligible for compensation, it makes sense to file a class action lawsuit and obtain a single settlement that can be divided among all the victims.

Before you commit to a Tehama County Juvenile Hall class action lawsuit, we want to give you an opportunity to ask any questions and receive advice from an experienced attorney. Please contact our law firm and schedule a free consultation on joining a child sexual abuse class action lawsuit.

Average Settlement for a Tehama County Juvenile Hall Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

The value of a lawsuit for sexual abuse at Tehama County Juvenile Hall can range from $450,000 to $10,000,000, depending on various factors that are unique to your case. Overall, we would say that sexual assault lawsuits have higher values compared to sexual harassment claims, though this is not an absolute rule. On average, cases for sexual assault at Tehama County Juvenile Hall are worth $2,500,000 to $5,000,000, while claims for sexual harassment may be settled for under $1,500,000. Though a settlement close to or over $10,000,000 is rare, it’s possible in cases of extreme negligence that leads to permanent and severe injuries to the victim

Due to the issues that must be examined, we suggest that you contact us and speak with a child sexual abuse lawyer if you’re interested in finding out how much you can receive from a lawsuit against Tehama County Juvenile Hall.

How Long will it Take to Settle a Tehama County Juvenile Hall Sexual Assault Lawsuit?

Settling a lawsuit for sexual abuse often takes 1 to 2 years, though some of these cases will take over 3 years from start to finish. This is due to a variety of factors, including the complications of filing a class action lawsuit, the requirements for suing a government agency, and getting the other side to admit liability for the sexual abuse of a minor. Essentially, Tehama County will do everything in their power to reduce their responsibility for what happened, and this is why building a strong case and negotiating a compensation amount can take up to 24 months. Some of these cases do end up in court if both sides cannot agree on the numbers, and these lawsuits will take over 3 years to resolve. But it’s rare that a case will go to trial, as more than 95% of child sexual abuse lawsuits are settled through private means.

Tehama County Juvenile Hall Lawsuit compensation lawyer attorney sue
Deadline to File a Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse at Tehama County Juvenile Hall

If the abuse or assault against you started when you were legally an adult (at least 18 years of age), you have 10 years to file a lawsuit for inmate sexual abuse. It’s likely that there was a series of sexual abuse incidents between you and the perpetrator, and in these situations, the 10-year window begins on the last / most recent date of abuse.

Of course, the majority of youths incarcerated at Tehama County Juvenile Hall are minors, i.e., below 18 years old. The deadline for these lawsuits is either of the following dates, whichever comes later:

  • 22 years of the victim’s 18th birthday, or whenever the victim turns 40 years old
  • 5 years of whenever you discover a physical or emotional injury caused by childhood sexual abuse.

The discovery rule for sexual abuse during childhood is meant for those who are unable to fully recognize the abuse they suffered until sometime after their 40th birthday. This is usually the result of suppressing traumatic memories, like sexual assault by a probation officer or another employee at Tehama County Juvenile Hall. Continual suppression can cause serious mental health disorders that require professional counseling. This is how most victims finally realize that their mental health issues are injuries that resulted from the sexual assault or harassment.

From the point of discovering the injuries of child sexual abuse, you are given 5 years to file a lawsuit against the Tehama County Probation Department and anyone else that’s liable for what happened to you at a juvenile detention facility.

Contact DTLA Law Group

Our legal team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to those who have been sexually abused at a California youth detention center. At the end of the day, our job is to provide you with advice and guidance, and let you decide for yourself if filing a lawsuit is the best course of action.

If you are interested in suing Tehama County, you will receive free legal services under the Zero Fee Guarantee. This is a contingency fee policy where all of our expenses are billed to the defendant and paid to us as a condition of winning your lawsuit. No matter what, you will never pay out of pocket when you sign on with us.

For a free case evaluation with a Tehama County Juvenile Hall sexual abuse lawyer, contact our office at your earliest convenience.

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