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Bus Injury Caused By Low Hanging Side Mirror

Bus Injury Caused By Low Hanging Side Mirror A pedestrian involved in a bus accident can be seriously injured. Many times these injuries occur when the pedestrian is not at fault. In some cases because of the position of side view mirrors on a bus pedestrians can be seriously hurt. In these cases bus drivers drive close to the pickup curb and the side view mirror extends onto the sidewalk. These heavy duty mirrors can cause devastating injuries if the pedestrian is hit in the head, face or body. To make matters worse bus drivers may not notice the injury and continue driving off leaving the injured pedestrian to deal with their injuries.

Low Hanging Bus Mirror Accident

A low hanging bus mirror can be dangerous. Many bus operators have taken steps to adjust these low hanging mirrors to avoid pedestrian collisions. However other transport companies failed to meet the criteria. As a result pedestrians are still being injured. Essentially what happens is the bus riding on the furthest right lane poses a serious safety hazard to passengers standing on the sidewalk in close proximity to the street. As a result the exposed or outward extending side view mirror can hit the pedestrian. These mirrors are forged with plastic and metal, so any impact can be potentially dangerous. Depending on the position whether you were facing the bus or had your back to it, serious injuries can result. Many pedestrians are knocked unconscious from the blow leaving them with severe head injuries. Others suffer multiple broken bones in their face and body. To make matters worse bus drivers are unaware of the impact and drive off leaving the injured pedestrian to deal with their injuries.

Who Is At Fault for Accidents Involving Bus Mirrors – Liability for Injuries

Who is liable when you are hit as a pedestrian? Generally the pedestrian is considered negligent free. They are not responsible for how the bus driver acts or the negligence of the city for having low hanging bus mirrors. If you are injured as a passenger you have certain rights. If you were hit by a MTA or transit type bus you need to act quickly to preserve your rights. Here are few important steps you should take after your accident. Step #1: Seek Medical Care You must get medical attention for your injuries. Do not wait and see how you will feel. If you were hit in the head  chances are you have suffered a head injury. Make sure you seek proper and immediate medical care. Step #2: Obtain a Police Report Make sure you get a police report or traffic collision report filed. This will likely be done on the scene or at the hospital. You can request the hospital inform the police or local law enforcement of your intent to file a police report. Step #3: Contact an Attorney Contact Downtown L.A. Law immediately. Our offices will make sure that you are left alone until you are able to discuss your claim with the transit authorities. Do not make any statements without your attorney present or without their consent. Any statement you make can ultimately be used to devalue your care. It is important that you stay silent and not make any statements that can impact your case.
Common Injuries A bus mirror that hits a pedestrian can be painful. If you calculate the speed and weight of the bus, the ultimate force delivered can be significant. This force can shatter your bones and cause traumatic brain injuries. The type of injury suffered will depend on a number of factors including your position at the time of the accident and other important factors. If you were injured seek immediate medical attention. Here is a list of common injuries.
  • Concussion
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Hematoma
  • Death
  • Mild traumatic head injury
  • Numbness in the tongue or tingling sensation
  • Broken bones
  • Facial lacerations
  • Broken orbital socket
  • Hearing loss
This is not a complete list of injuries. If you were injured we cannot stress how important medical treatment is to your well being. Our attorneys at Downtown L.A. Law are here to help, contact us anytime for a complimentary and confidential case evaluation.

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