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Ventura County Juvenile Facilities Complex Sex Abuse Lawyers

Ventura County Juvenile Facilities Complex Sex Abuse Lawyers sue compensation liability attorney

The Ventura County Juvenile Facilities Complex is located at 4333 Vineyard Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93036. It sits on a 45-acre parcel near the community of El Rio. The facility has a capacity of 420 male and female youth; this consists of a detention capacity of 240 and commitment capacity of 180. The complex consists of housing, outdoor recreation areas, a multipurpose gym, a technology training center, a visiting center, medical offices and exam rooms, classrooms, kitchen services, laundry services, and more.

Were you sexually abused during the time that you were detained at the Ventura County Juvenile Hall? If so, you may have the right to file a lawsuit. For more information about your right to file a sex abuse lawsuit, do not hestiate to reach out to our legal team as soon as possible.

Here at the Downtown L.A. Law Group, our lawyers have decades of experience handling all sorts of injury claims, including sex abuse claims. We are not afraid to take on the county to fight for the rights of victims of juvenile hall sex abuse. If you are ready to explore the legal services available to you, contact us today.

Ventura County Juvenile Facilities Complex Sex Abuse Lawyers sexual abuse lawyer attorney compensation incident liability
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Sex Abuse at Juvenile Halls

Unfortunately, sex abuse at juvenile halls is very common. Detained youth can be sexually abused at the hands of other youth or at the hands of juvenile hall staff. Sexual abuse at these juvenile halls is always child sex abuse – as minors can never consent to any sexual contact. Although every situation is different, the child sex abuse can consist of the following:

  • Rape
  • Attempted rape
  • Sodomy
  • Groping, touching, fondling
  • Kissing, on the mouth or anywhere on the body
  • Making inappropriate jokes or comments
  • Forcing the victim to touch the attacker
  • Forcing the victim to masturbate
  • Showing the victim explicit photos or videos

These are just a few examples of possible sex abuse at juvenile halls. This can happen in the dormitories, in the showers, in closets, or in offices. This sexual abuse can result in significant harm. Possible injuries that victims could suffer include unwanted pregnancies and pregnancy-related complications, sexually transmitted infections, injuries to genitals, injuries to reproductive organs, fractures, lacerations, depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, panic disorder, increased risk of substance abuse, and increased risk of self-harm.

Regardless of the specific sex abuse suffered and the resulting harm, you could have the right to file a lawsuit and recover compensation. For more information about the legal options available to you, contact us today.

Can I Sue for Sex Abuse at Juvenile Halls?

Yes – you could have the right to file a lawsuit. Many people believe that juveniles lose all their rights as soon as they step foot in juvenile halls. However, this is not the case. The counties that own and operate these juvenile halls have a duty to ensure that all detained youth is safe during their detention. To ensure the safety of juveniles, the county must subject all employees to background checks (both before being hired and randomly throughout the employment), provide appropriate training, appropriate supervising, etc. They must also have appropriate policies and procedures in place – relevant to reporting suspected abuse and investigating abuse. This is relevant to abuse at the hands of staff. What about abuse at the hands of other youth? To ensure that detained youth remains safe, there must be adequate security, appropriate supervision, and all reports must be taken seriously.

When juvenile halls fail to protect detained youth, whether the attackers are staff or other detained youth – the county could be liable for all resulting harm. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which the abuse was known and the county does nothing or actually covers up the abuse.

In summary, victims of sex abuse at juvenile halls – whether it’s the Ventura County juvenile halls or any other juvenile hall or camp in California – could have the right to file lawsuits for the harm that they suffered. For more information about the legal options available to you, contact us today.

Can I File a Lawsuit Even If Years Have Passed?

Yes – you may still have grounds to file a lawsuit even if many years have passed since the abuse occurred. To understand your right to sue, you must understand the statute of limitations that applies to your claim.

What is a statute of limitations? A statute of limitations determines the specific length of time that claimants have to file their claims. If claimants fail to file their claims on time, they can lose their right to sue altogether. In other words, if you do not take action within the appropriate deadline, you can lose your right to file your claim.

What is the statute of limitations for child sex abuse claims? Under California law, victims of child sex abuse have twenty-two years from the age of eighteen to file their claims. In other words, victims have until the age of forty to file child sex abuse claims. There is also a five-year discovery rule. This means that claimants have five years from the date that they discovered the harm caused by the abuse to file their claims. This discovery rule is very important as victims of child sex abuse often suffer from repressed memories that may not be revealed until many years after the abuse occurred.

Are government claims subject to shorter deadlines? Yes, in general, government claims (such as claims against a county entity) are subject to a relatively short six-month statute of limitations. Depending on the response, claimants will either have six months or two years to file their lawsuits, although usually it is the shorter filing period.

Of course, trying to figure out what specific deadline applies can be complicated in these cases. Because of that, we urge all victims and of juvenile hall sex abuse to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Do not wait to take action on your claim.

What Compensation Is Available for Ventura County Juvenile Facilities Complex Sex Abuse Cases?

The compensation available for Ventura County juvenile hall sex abuse cases can include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of consortium
  • Punitive damages
  • Treble damages
  • Legal fees

How much compensation can I receive? The specific value of your claim will be based on the facts, including the type of abuse suffered, the type of injuries resulting from the abuse, the permanency or extent of the injuries, whether there was gross negligence, and whether there was a cover-up for example. In general, these cases can be worth anywhere from $500,000 to $1.5 million – and sometimes even more. Class action cases can be worth up to $20 million.

Here at our law firm, our legal team is fully committed to getting our clients the maximum compensation available. Whether our experts have to negotiate a settlement or take your claim to trial to reach a fair verdict, you can trust that our team is ready to go above it all to secure the maximum payout available – and get you the justice that you are owed.

Contact the Downtown L.A. Law Group Today

If you were subject to sex abuse during the time that you spent at the Ventura County Juvenile Facilities Complex, you may have the right to file a lawsuit and recover compensation. If you are interested in exploring the legal options available to you, it is important that you seek legal help as soon as possible. Our Ventura juvenile hall sex abuse lawyers here at the Downtown L.A. Law Group are more than ready to handle your claim and provide you with the guidance that you need to take on the county and fight for your rights.

Our law firm offers free legal services, which include free consultations and free second opinions. During these free legal services, our lawyers will be available to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. Whether you are interested in beginning your claim or changing lawyers after starting your claim elsewhere, our team can help you. These free legal services are available through our Zero-Fee Guarantee, which ensures that our clients will never be required to pay any upfront legal costs for any of our legal services. In addition, our team works on contingency; you will not be responsible for paying any legal fees if your claim is not successful. If you do not win, you simply will not be required to pay anything.

Contact our Ventura County juvenile hall sex abuse lawsuit lawyers today!

Ventura County Juvenile Facilities Complex Sex Abuse Lawyers compensation lawyer attorney sue
Average Length of Time to Settle a Juvenile Hall Sexual Assault Claim

In our experience, it takes 1 to 2 years before a settlement is reached in cases for the sexual abuse of an inmate at Madera County Juvenile Detention Facility. For cases that go to trial, the settlement timeline is 3 years or longer, though most lawsuits do not end up in court, even if a trial date is scheduled. Typically, there is almost always a settlement before the trial date, which is the most efficient way for both sides to put the case behind them. Nevertheless, claims for sexual assault at a juvenile hall are extremely complicated for many reasons, particularly if the incidents took place many years ago. That’s why we anticipate these cases taking around to 12 to 18 months, though a settlement can certainly be achieved much faster.

Legal Advice from a Juvenile Hall Sexual Abuse Lawyer

An experienced sexual abuse attorney is your best ally when you are seeking justice from a negligent government institution. Our law firm has a dedicated team of lawyers who are ready to fight for you and the compensation you deserve.

For now, all you have to do is meet with us for a free, private consultation. If you decide that filing a lawsuit is the right course of action, you won’t have to pay a single penny upfront, since we are a contingency based law firm. The cost of legal services is paid by the Madera County once we successfully recover your payment. If we don’t win your case, you are not responsible for any legal fees, as you are protected by the Zero Fee Guarantee from day one.

For a free case review on your rights and legal options, contact our law firm as soon as possible.

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