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Los Angeles County Juvenile Division Lawsuit Lawyer

Los Angeles County Juvenile Division Lawsuit Lawyer sue liability attorney compensation incident

The Juvenile Division is part of the Superior County Court of Los Angeles, which was designed specifically for the purpose of handling legal cases involving underage individuals. These include juvenile dependency cases, where the minor must be removed from negligent or abusive parents. The other category, known as juvenile delinquency, had to do with youths that commit legal violations.

Regardless of what a child has done to be brought before the court, they deserve humane and compassionate treatment that’s focused on rehabilitation, rather than punishment. Thankfully, some kids receive the guidance they need from caring adults and grow into productive members of society. But the system can also be infiltrated by those who take advantage of minors for sexual gratification.

We acknowledge that no system if fail proof, and incidents of sexual abuse will be an on-going problem in any institution that’s focused on the needs of children. But it’s no secret that most cases of mistreatment against juvenile inmates could have been prevented. At the very least, the Juvenile Division has a duty to investigate claims of sexual abuse and ensure that the victim is protected from further incidents. Failure in either of these areas is the basis of a lawsuit for sexual abuse, which you can learn more about during a free consultation.

Our legal experts are available 24/7, so call us anytime if you need information on your rights as a victim of sexual abuse.

Los Angeles County Juvenile Division Lawsuit Lawyer compensation incident liability
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Can I Sue the Los Angeles County Juvenile Division for Sexual Abuse?

Yes, you can sue the Los Angeles County Juvenile Division or another government entity if they failed in the duty of care to keep you safe from physical assault, sexual abuse, and other harmful incidents. This isn’t about predicting and stopping every single case of child sexual abuse, which is impossible. Rather it’s about:

  • Preventative measures against sexual abuse, like thorough employee background checks and adequate supervision.
  • Appropriate action when there are accusations or suspicious signs of sexual abuse by a juvenile justice employee.

It’s no secret that the LA County juvenile justice system has failed in both of these areas for a very long time. Frankly, we have had cases going back to the 1970s, and thanks to those initial victims, many of the youth facilities that were textbook examples of neglect and abuse were closed. But there are victims who are still coming forward to this day, along with a new generation of children who were sexually assaulted and exploited within the past decade. We also help those who were out on probation instead of being detained, but they were still subjected to sexual abuse by employees of the LA County Juvenile Division.

Pretty much every case we investigate involves some level of poor judgement, missed opportunities, and lack of accountability by county officials. It’s very common for inmates and their families to be told that there is no evidence of abuse, when it’s actually been hidden or destroyed. Afterwards, the staff member is allowed to stay on at the facility, so the victim and other inmates are still in danger. If, after a while, the allegations are too damning to ignore, they will help the offender find another job with a different juvenile program.

Such astounding examples of neglect and misconduct must be punished through the criminal and civil courts. We are committed to helping you and others who are struggling with the impact of sexual assault and exploitation. Please contact our office and talk to an experienced Los Angeles County Juvenile Division sexual abuse attorney.

Can I File a Class Action Lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Juvenile Division?

Yes, you can sue the Los Angeles County Juvenile Division as a member of a class action lawsuit. Lawsuits are currently in progress involving hundreds of former juvenile inmates, so you should contact us right away if you’d like to join a Los Angeles County Juvenile Division sex abuse class action claim. We will provide you with a free consultation, where you can learn about the legal process and the pros and cons of filing a lawsuit with other sexual abuse victims. That way, you can make an informed choice on how to proceed with a compensation claim against Los Angeles County.

What is the Average Value of a Los Angeles County Juvenile Division Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

The average case value of a juvenile inmate sexual abuse lawsuit is around $1,500,000 to $5,000,000. We understand there is a significant difference between those numbers, and that’s because of the differences that exist from one case to another. A variety of factors that are specific to you will determine how much you can receive from a compensation claim against the Los Angeles County Juvenile Division.

Overall, settlement values are higher for sexual assault lawsuits versus cases of solicitation and harassment. While there are exceptions to the rule, a Los Angeles County Juvenile Division sexual assault lawsuit is likely to settle for over $2,000,000. Payments of $450,000 and above are generally associated with sexual harassment lawsuits, though we have had our share of claims that resulted in payments of over $1,000,000 and above.

What is the Average Amount of Time to Settle these Lawsuits?

The process of settling a Los Angeles County Juvenile Division lawsuit will probably take between 1 and 2 years. Occasionally, we do have claims that are settled in the first few months, but this is quite rare when it comes to suing an entity of the county government. On the other end of the spectrum, we have cases that end up in trial, and these lawsuits can take over 3 years from start to finish. But this is unlikely, and we can assure you that over 90% of all sex abuse lawsuits are successfully settled.

One thing that’s been proven time and time again is the difference a lawyer makes in the process of suing the Los Angeles County Juvenile Division for child sexual abuse. While there’s no shortcut to negotiating a settlement award, having a legal advocate is the fastest to receive payment from the county.

Los Angeles County Juvenile Division Lawsuit Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue
How Long Do I have to File a Lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Juvenile Division?

If you were below 18 years of age when you were sexually abused, you have until the age of 40 to file a lawsuit. In other words, you have 22 years after your 18th birthday to seek compensation from the County of Los Angeles.

You can also choose to file a lawsuit based on when you discover a physical injury or psychological illness that was caused by child sexual abuse. Many of our clients fall under this category, and most of cases are based on the realization of mental health disorders that were caused by sexual abuse from a probation officer, social worker, so someone else that works for the LA County Juvenile Division.

These victims suffer from anger management issues, commitment phobias, alcoholism, eating disorders, and many other illnesses due to the trauma of what they experienced. But the connection that seems obvious to an outsider is not understood by the victim due to many years of suppression and denial. Thankfully, counseling is available to help these individuals talk about what happened and begin the process of healing from sexual abuse during childhood. This is also the point where you are given 5 years to file a lawsuit against the people that failed to protect you from a sexual predator.

To learn more about the statute of limitations for a Los Angeles County Juvenile Division inmate abuse lawsuit, schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Help from a Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Our law firm has always believed in the concept of free representation for those who were harmed by someone else’s negligence. That’s the basis of the Zero Fee Guarantee at DTLA Law Group, which you will receive from the moment you contact us. Essentially, you pay us $0 in legal fees, which are paid to us by Los Angeles County as a condition of winning your lawsuit. That means we don’t make a penny unless you do, so there’s no need to worry about your finances taking a hit.

For more information on how to sue the Los Angeles County Juvenile Division for sexual abuse of a minor, call us right away to schedule a free case review.

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