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Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus Lawsuit Lawyer

Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus Lawsuit Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue

Located at 3333 E. American, Fresno California, the Juvenile Justice Campus is primarily a holding center for youths who are in the process of being tried by the Juvenile court system. Alternatively, youths who have already been sentenced are awaiting transfer to another juvenile detention center or adult prison. Some of the residents are not youth offenders, but children in the foster care system, who are waiting to be placed in a home.

Though the Juvenile Justice Campus should be a safe and structured environment for these kids, it can also be a house of horrors when predatory workers commit acts of sexual assault and exploitation. If you were taken advantage of by an adult while you were an underage inmate, please learn about your legal options, including the right to sue Fresno County for monetary compensation.

The first step is to contact our office, where you can receive a free consultation from a child sexual assault lawyer. That way, you can make an informed choice on how to move forward and heal from the injuries of sexual abuse at the Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus.

Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus Lawsuit lawyer compensation incident liability
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Can I File a Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

Yes, you can sue for acts of sexual abuse against a minor that you experienced during your stay at the Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus. You are probably aware that juvenile inmate abuse lawsuits are generally filed against the county, city, or state agency in charge of the facility. For the Juvenile Justice Campus, the operating entity is the Fresno County Probation Department.

Typically, it’s a failure by county probation departments that creates a culture of physical and sexual abuse at youth detention centers. You almost always find that allegations are brushed under the rug, and that inmates are silenced by threats or bribes. If there is actually an investigation into the complaint, it will simply end with a statement that no credible evidence was found to support the victim’s accusations. In reality, the evidence was hidden or destroyed, because administrators choose to protect their own, even if it means that a child is abused for months or years.

There have been great advancements in victim’s rights over the years, along with legal changes that have extended the amount of time to sue for sexual abuse during childhood. You too, can take advantage of the laws and demand the compensation you deserve in a Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus child sexual abuse lawsuit.

Joining a Class Action Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse at Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus

Chances are, you’ve thought of joining a class action lawsuit against the Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus, meaning you are suing for sexual abuse with former inmates who were also abused at the facility. There are quite a few of these lawsuits currently in progress, and it may be a sensible solution to be part of a class action claim rather than filing your own lawsuit. However, you likely have many questions about the legal process you’ll need to go through, which is where we can be of help.

If you’d like to learn more about filing a lawsuit with other victims of childhood sexual abuse, call us right away and talk to a Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus sexual abuse attorney.

Settlement Value of a Juvenile Justice Campus Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

If we were pressed to come up with an estimate, we would say that $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 is a good range of settlement amounts for a Juvenile Justice Campus sex abuse lawsuit. The higher values – around $2,500,000 to $5,000,000 – are typically reserved for incidents of sexual assault against a minor. If the abuse involved non-physical interactions for the purpose of sexual gratification, $500,000 to $1,500,000 is a reasonable range. But there are exceptions to every rule, so you should never rely on estimates for the average value of a juvenile hall sexual abuse lawsuit. Instead, contact our law firm to discuss your case with a child sexual assault lawyer.

How Long Do Juvenile Inmate Sexual Abuse Cases Take to Settle?

Lawsuits for sexual abuse at Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus will probably take between 1 and 2 years to settle. Of course, there are cases that defy the odds, meaning a settlement is reached within 6 months. However, child sexual abuse claims usually take longer to resolve, whether you negotiate a settlement or take your case to trial. Trials for sexual abuse incidents at a juvenile hall are extremely rare, and it’s more than likely that we will reach a settlement with Fresno County. But a successful settlement award can take 2 or more years to achieve, depending on a variety of factors that are beyond our control.

Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus Lawsuit Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue
Is there a Deadline to Sue Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus for Sexual Abuse?

Yes, there is a statutory deadline of 22 years to sue for child sexual abuse, starting from when the victim is 18 years old. That means you will need to submit a compensation claim against Fresno County by the time you are 40 years old.

In the event you are past the 22-year deadline for a lawsuit, you may still have the opportunity to seek justice under the 5-year discovery rule. This is a legal exemption that has to do with injury or an illness that is not realized by the victim right away. A common example is chronic pain or a brain injury that is not diagnosed for several years after a car accident.

With incidents of sexual abuse, the resulting injury is usually emotional in nature, and they manifest as mental health dysfunctions. However, many victims do not understand the cause of their suffering due to years and years of suppressing memories of sexual abuse. In many cases, help from a licensed therapist is needed to connect the dots, and there’s no telling how old the victim will be at this point. With that in mind, there is a rule that provides you with 5 years after the discovery of an injury from sexual abuse if you are interested in filing a lawsuit.

All Child Sex Abuse Victims Receive a Zero Fee Guarantee

Our law firm has a policy called the Zero Fee Guarantee for anyone who is eligible for a child sexual abuse lawsuit. Essentially, this is our way of protecting your finances and making sure that you won’t have to worry about paying for an attorney. There is no out of pocket cost to you if you choose to sue Fresno County for sexual abuse at the Juvenile Justice Campus. Instead, we factor the cost of legal fees into your settlement award, so the only way we get paid is by winning your lawsuit.

As you can see, there is no risk in taking a moment to contact us and learning about your rights if you were sexually abused as an inmate at the Fresno County Juvenile Justice Campus.

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