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Steps to Take After Exposure to Costco Frozen Berry Mix – Hepatitis A Lawsuit

Frozen Berry Mix Hepatitis A Lawsuit InformationIf you have purchased tainted frozen berries from wholesaler Costco you should be aware of your rights. Here is a checklist of your rights and remedies if you have come into contacted with Costco Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend Frozen Berry Mix. Steps to Take 1st: Secure the product. DO NOT throw away the product. Even though you have been requested to do so by Costco, do not throw away the product. Instead secure it is a air tight bag and keep it frozen. Make sure that the bag does not come in contact with any other food items. It may be required that we have a lab test the product to make sure it is in fact contaminated. This will strengthen your case and prevent Costco from making claims to counter our argument. 2nd: Get immediate medical attention. Make sure you have your blood work and health exam conducted. It is important that you request for lab reports or blood samples to be handled expeditiously. This will allow for an immediate response as to whether or not you have in-fact been infected. 3rd: Attempt to locate any receipts you may have with regards to your purchase. If you used the berries mix try and keep a log as to how often the products were used. This will allow us to better chart the time of contact. 4th: Make absolutely no statements to any insurance carrier or Costco representative. You are not legally required or bound to make such statements. In fact you should decline to make any such statements until you have spoken with an attorney and determined whether you have a case.

Liability for Injuries – Filing a Lawsuit for Contaminated Food Resulting on Hepatitis A

So who is liable for your injuries? It goes without saying that Costco and Townsend Farms will both be liable. Furthermore, it is likely that Costco will require the manufacturer, Townsend Farms to indemnify them. However, Costco will still have liability issues. If it is determined that they failed to remove the products from the shelves promptly or if they failed to act appropriately, Costco can be held liable as well. Generally these types of cases are classified as product liability or negligence type cases. Each require intense investigation into the facts to determine how the item was in fact tainted. Our firm will extensively research these elements of the case to ensure a maximum recovery.

Value of My Case – Estimated Settlement of Verdict Amount in Food Contamination Lawsuits

What is the value of my Costco berries Hep A case? This will depend on the following factors. First, whether or not you actually contracted Hep A. Second, whether or not you are a wage earner and if you have any time off of work. If you are in the medical field, this will be most applicable as you may not be allowed to interact with patients. Third, whether or not any long term complications will arise and if any medical bills exist. These are all relevant to understanding the value of your case. While we cannot make a determination without looking at all the facts, these are some factors you should consider in evaluating the value of your case. Cost of Representation: All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that you owe nothing in the way of medical fees unless we are successful in your case. Our office will not charge for legal services unless we are able to recover for your injuries. Keep in mind that we will cover all cost for investigators, experts and other needed professionals to determine liability and the extent of your injuries. At which point our food poisoning attorneys at Downtown LA Law Group will work to maximize the value of your case. Further Information: Costco Mixed Frozen Berry Food Contamination Lawsuit Statute of Limitations for Filing a Food Poisoning Lawsuit    
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