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  Wrongfu Death Lawsuit Information - Statistics on Preventable Death in the United States Auto Accidents  Wrongful Death: Motor Vehicle Accidents are the number one cause of Personal Injury deaths from the age group of 5 years to 34 years Truck Accidents and Wrongful Death: In California there were 4,205 total fatalities due to auto accidents:  of those 262 involved large trucks, and 18-wheelers. Motorcycle Accidents and Wrongful Death: While motorcycles accounted for about 4 percent of registered vehicles in California, fatal motorcycle crashes accounted for nearly 16 percent of the total road deaths. Deaths due to Poisoning: There are an estimate 30,000 deaths due to unintentional poisonings in the United States. Deaths due to a Slip and Fall: There are approximately 25,000 deaths due to slip and fall accidents in the Unites States.

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