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How To Report A Dog Bite To Animal Control In San Bernardino County

How To Report A Dog Bite To Animal Control In San Bernardino County sue liability lawyer attorney

If you are a San Bernardino County dog bite victim, the staff at DTLA Law Group would like to help you understand your obligation to report the incident and your right to seek compensation for any losses and harm caused by the incident. Many victims are unaware they must file a report with the appropriate county or city office to record the critical information to protect their health and the health and safety of others. Our office can be reached 24/7 to assist you in selecting the correct location to report your dog bite and to provide legal guidance on the information you should share regarding the event.

Several offices cover specific cities, while San Bernardino County Animal Control provides service to the remaining areas within the county. Contact information for all locations is listed below:

  • Adelanto Animal Control can be reached at (760) 246-2300 ext. 13077 and serves the City of Adelanto
  • Apple Valley Animal Control serves the community of Apple Valley and can be contacted at (760) 240-7000 ext. 7555
  • San Bernardino County Animal Control provides service to Barstow, Big Bear Lake, Highland, Yucaipa, Upland, and all unincorporated county property except West End communities and can be contacted at (800) 472-5609
  • Inland Valley Humane Society can be reached at (909) 623-9777 for dog bites that occurred in Chino, Chino Valley, Montclair, Mt. Brady, Ontario, San Antonio Heights, and all unincorporated parts of West End
  • Colton Animal Control serves the community of Colton and is reachable at (909) 370-5000
  • Fontana Animal Control dog bite calls are routed to Fontana Police Dispatch at (909) 350-7700
  • Hesperia Animal Control can be contacted at (760) 947-1700 to report a dog bite in that city
  • Loma Linda Animal Control can be reached at (909) 799-2861 to report a dog bite 
  • Needles Animal Control is responsible for dog bite reporting in the city and can be contacted at (909) 799-2861
  • Rancho Cucamonga Animal Control is reachable at (909) 466-7387 ext. 1 to report a dog bite in the city
  • Redlands Animal Control can be contacted at (909) 798-7644 to report a dog bite
  • Rialto Animal Control serves the community and is reachable at (909) 820-2550
  • The City of San Bernardino Animal Control provides service to the city and can be contacted at (909) 384-1304 to file a dog bite report for an incident that occurred within the city limits
  • Twentynine Palms Animal Control can be contacted at (760) 367-0157 or (760) 367-6799 ext. 1018 to report a dog bite in the city
  • Victorville Animal Control will assist with a dog bite report in the city and can be contacted at (760) 955-5089
  • Yucca Valley Animal Control takes dog bite reports for the city and can be reached at (760) 365-1807

If you would like to review the information the city or county will request, you can view or print a copy of the San Bernardino County RUFF Bite Report. While it looks like a lot of information is needed, please know that an officer will use the facts you provide to investigate the incident within 24 hours to confirm the dog’s health. They will also determine whether this is an isolated event or the dog poses a public safety concern. If you would like to speak to a dog bite lawyer before making your report, please get in touch with DTLA Law Group immediately to talk with a skilled legal team member. We are happy to provide a free consultation to discuss the case at length with a seasoned San Bernardino County dog bite lawyer to assess the case.

How To Report A Dog Bite To Animal Control In San Bernardino County sue liability lawyer attorney attorney Lawyers sue liability
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Crucial Information About Dog Bite Wounds

Sadly, dog bites occur daily in San Bernardino County, but many are not reported or adequately treated. Victims think that a minor dog bite, one with little bleeding or tissue damage, is not worth the time to report it or seek proper medical care. However, those are also often the victims who suffer the most severe infections.

It is critical to understand that legally, a dog bite does not need to cause bleeding, puncture the skin, or cause visible tissue damage. The harm could be caused by the pressure of the dog’s jaw, which causes nerve damage, the injuries from the victim falling and hitting their head, or countless other scenarios. However, you should also understand that even a tiny puncture from a dog’s tooth can result in a severe infection such as staph, strep, or cellulitis that could become life-threatening without proper medical treatment. The bacteria in a dog’s saliva is not harmful to them. But even a microscopic amount in a wound can kill a human. It is always wise to seek a medical evaluation of any dog bite, even if you feel it is minor.

The First Step In Preventing An Infection From A Dog Bite

While it is always recommended to have a dog bite evaluated by a medical professional, if the injury is not severe, you might opt to clean the wound yourself and make an appointment to see a doctor later in the day or in the coming days. If this is your choice, it is critical you correctly clean and dress the dog bite wound to decrease the potential of an infection. The advised cleaning process for a dog bite wound is:

  • Flush the wound and surrounding area with warm water for five to ten minutes
  • Carefully wash the wound with mild soap and thoroughly rinse with warm water
  • Using a clean bandage, apply gentle pressure to stop any bleeding
  • Coat the wound with an antibiotic cream or ointment
  • Cover the wound with a clean, dry bandage
  • Monitor the wound site for additional swelling, discharge, redness, or increased pain, which would indicate an infection – if you discover any of these signs of infection, seek immediate medical treatment for the wound
Gather Potentially Vital Information After A San Bernardino Dog Bite

You can never predict how a person will react when they are asked to take responsibility for harm caused by a dog bite. Nor can you foresee a dog bite becoming infected and requiring costly medical care. So, it is always prudent to protect yourself and gather as much information as possible after suffering a dog bite. Not only will the details you gather be helpful in completing your dog bite report, but they could be essential if you are forced to pursue legal action. The information to gather includes:

  • Pictures of your wounds immediately after the dog bite, as well as any other injuries you suffered due to the incident
  • List any issues or symptoms you suffer that might not be visible, such as a headache or sore back if you feel when attacked by the dog
  • Get a picture of the dog if possible and create a detailed description that includes the breed, size, color, any identifying markings, and tags and collar description
  • Contact information for the owner, if available, or a possible location where the dog lives
  • Contact information for all witnesses of the dog bite
  • Copies of all your medical records for the incident, receipts, invoices, and a list of all work hours missed due to the injuries you suffered and medical appointments for those injuries
Who Is Responsible For My Expenses?

Fortunately, California is a strict liability state related to dog bites. The law states that a dog owner is financially responsible for the harm and damage caused by their dog. The only exceptions are when the dog bites a person who is abusing or hurting it or if the victim is illegally on the property when bit by the dog. For example, you are not liable for the expenses of a burglar who is breaking into your home and is bitten by your dog. It is also noteworthy that these laws apply to public and private property. Reach out to DTLA Law Group to learn more about seeking the compensation owed to you after a San Bernardino Dog Bite.

How To Report A Dog Bite To Animal Control In San Bernardino County DTLA Law Group sue liability lawyer attorney lawyer attorney sue liability
How Much Is A Dog Bite Lawsuit Worth?

Your allowable expenses and losses will determine the value of your dog bite lawsuit. The typical items included in calculating the value are:

  • All medical costs
  • Any lost income
  • The replacement cost of damaged or destroyed personal property
  • All legal costs
  • Possible pain and suffering compensation
The Time Limit To File Your Dog Bite Lawsuit

Victims have two years from the date of their dog bite injuries to file a claim with the court against the dog owner. If you have not pursued legal action, then you will lose the right to seek compensation for the losses and harm caused by that particular event. Please also know that the court’s workload and the defendant’s actions can impact the time it will take your legal team to resolve your dog bite lawsuit.

Getting The Best Dog Bite Lawyers

The DTLA Law Group is proud to offer superior legal services and exceptional compensation amounts to our valued dog bite clients. You will also be pleased to learn that we never ask for any upfront legal fees. We only get paid after you have compensation to cover your legal costs. Finally, you owe us nothing if we fail to win your case and secure compensation.

Please make the time at your earliest convenience to contact DTLA Law Group to speak to a seasoned San Bernardino dog bite attorney to discuss your case. You deserve to have the stress of mounting financial concerns created by the dog bite eliminated so you can focus on healing.

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