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Medical Payment Coverage after a Motorcycle Accident

Medical Payment Coverage after a Motorcycle Accident
Medical coverage or payments allows for money contributions resulting from a motorcycle accident. This coverage allows the injured party to recover for medically necessary payments after a motorcycle accident. Medical payments can vary depending on the extent of injuries. However, the coverage for these medical bills depends on the type of insurance coverage purchased by the motorcyclist. California recognizes two different types of medical payment coverage, this includes primary and excess coverage. Primary Coverage Primary coverage allows for the insured to directly send any and all medical bills associated to the insurance coverage for payment. While this may be a preferable method, it is not always an ideal choice. Insurance companies are not in the business of paying for all of your medical bills. As a result they will routinely deny most of your treatment bills. In such cases the insurance company will state that the treatment was not “medically necessary”. As a result certain medical bills may not be paid, as the insurance company will deem them as unnecessary or excessive. Bills for MRI’s or X-Rays are routinely denied or minimized by insurance companies. That is why a skilled motorcycle attorney is needed to maximize your recovery when dealing with insurance companies. Excess Coverage This allows for unpaid medical bills to be paid via the excess coverage policy. With such policies you first provide a copy of your bills to your primary coverage provider. Depending on your coverage plan, part or all of your bills may be paid. If such bills are not paid In the event that they are limited or not paid, an explanation of the reason for which they are not paid must be provided. Know Your Rights Our office will determine the type of coverage you have and make sure that the proper paperwork is filed in order to help maximize the value of your case. Motorcycle accidents are not like other personal injury claims. They require specific knowledge of California Motorcycle laws, which will apply to your case. You need an attorney who will not settle until there is compensation for your injuries. We don’t just make promises, we keep them. Contact our offices at Downtown L.A. Law and speak to a Los Angeles motorcycle attorney.
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