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Ergodyne Squid Wire Tools Recall Class Action Lawsuit

Ergodyne Squid Wire Tools Recall Class Action Lawsuit compensation lawyer attorney sue

Approximately 16,570 Squids 3705 Wire Tool Attachments by Ergodyne are being recalled due to a defect that may cause the product to break while it’s in use. When it’s tethered to a tool that weighs more than 2 pounds, the attachment may break when the tool is dropped. This can cause a variety of injuries to innocent bystanders

The recall is for the Squids 3705 Wire Tool Attachments – Screw Gate Tool Tail. The attachments were sold in six-packs or as part of a kit under the following model numbers: 3170, 3183, 3188, and 3189. Ergodyne is offering a $4 credit per attachment tool and a prepaid shipping label for the consumer to return the product.

But a manufacturer credit won’t make up for the cost of medical bills, lost wages from work, and other monetary damages for an accident victim. If you are one of these individuals, contact our law firm and learn about your rights and legal options from a product liability lawsuit lawyer.

Ergodyne Squid Wire Tools Recall Class Action Lawsuit compensation lawyer attorney sue
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Injuries from a Defective Wire Tools Attachment

These wire tool attachments have a tendency to break while being tethered to a tool that exceeds 2 pounds. This product was specifically made to prevent tools from falling off ladders and high areas. Unfortunately, design flaws can cause the wire attachment to snap, resulting in heavy tools being dropped and causing injury to people below.

Such accidents can result in deep lacerations, infections from open cuts, broken bones, head trauma, permanent scars, and other serious injuries.

Those who were injured by a recalled Ergodyne wire tool attachment should speak to a hazardous product lawsuit attorney without delay. This is the best way to protect your rights and ensure that you will be compensated from a recalled product injury lawsuit.

What to Do in the Event of an Accident

Please take the steps we’ve listed below if you sustained injuries from a recalled wire tool attachment by Ergodyne. Doing so will provide a solid foundation for a lawsuit against the manufacturer:

  • Do not clean or throw out the product, which can be used as evidence.
  • If possible, take pictures of your injuries and the scene of the accident.
  • Get immediate medical attention for your wounds to avoid serious health complications.
  • Call the manufacturer to report the accident, which is essential to the legal process. However, say no to any offer to remedy the situation, like a refund or credit for a new product.
  • Contact an attorney that can sue for injuries that are caused by defective products.
Ergodyne Squid Wire Tools Recall Class Action Lawsuit compensation lawyer attorney sue
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