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Januvia Attorney | Pancreatic Cancer Pancreatitis Lawsuit

Junavia Diabetes Medication LawsuitsJunavia (sitagliptin phosphate) is a diabetes oral medication designed and manufactured by Merck & Co. Inc. The Downtown LA law Firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals suffering form serious medical complications cause by the taking of diabetes medication. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer or thyroid cancer while on a diabetes medication Junavia you may be entitled to full and just compensation for your loss. To learn more about your legal rights in this matter contact our Law Offices toll free (855)385-2529.

Junavia FDA Warning Showing Increased Rates of Cancer:

Since the introduction of Junavia into the marketplace numerous studies conducted by some of the leading medical health and pharmaceutical journals have shown an increased rate of certain rare cancers including pancreatic cancer amongst individuals who have taken the diabetes medication.

Pancreatitis caused by the taking of Junavia

In 2009 the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) issues a warning for healthcare professionals titled Acute pancreatitis and sitagliptin (marketed as Januvia and Janumet), stating that dozens of case of acute pancreatitis some them being hemorrhagic or narcotizing pancreatitis have been reported in patients taking Junavia.  Symptoms of pancreatitis are numerous and can include any of the following.
  • Upper pain in the abdomen
  • Nausea including vomiting
  • Radiating abdominal pain
  • Increased pain and discomfort after eating

Filing a Drug Adverse Effects Lawsuit – Junavia Claims

Drug side effect litigation is a challenging process requiring dedicated and knowledgeable legal representation. In some case resolution or settlement of a claim for injuries caused of defective pharmaceutical litigation may take up to 4 years to complete. Our Law Offices have the knowledge and dedication to pursue legal action against the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers so that our clients can receive just compensation for their losses. Litigating a Successful Drug Injury Claim Against manufactures of Juanavia:  In a drug injury claim the attorneys representing the plaintiff will have the burden of proving the drug was defective resulting in a drastic increase in the danger posed to its users. There are generally three ways to prove a drug is defective in the court of law. (1) Defect in the original design of the drug. (2) Defect in the manufacturing process: In that the manufactures and distributed item is markedly different and as a result more dangerous that the intended and FDA approved original design. (3) Labeling Defect: Otherwise referred to failure to warn the public of the known dangers associated with the use of the drug. Calculating Monetary Compensation in a Defective Drug Injury Claim: There are numerous factor which determine the ultimate settlement in a defective medication claim including
  • The extent and severity of your injury
  • Current and future cost of medical care
  • Compensation for the reduction in life expectancy resulting from the taking of a dangerous medication
  • Pain and suffering – including emotional trauma, and post traumatic stress.
  • Wrongful Death – Compensation by relatives of victims who are
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