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PG and E Time to Pay Up

PG and E Time to Pay Up PG&E was required today to pay a $70 million dollar settlement as a part restitution effort by the city of San Bruno for losses suffered as a result of gas pipeline explosion. While the settlement which is due within 30 days covers the structural losses suffered, it does not cover the civil litigation brought by those impacted. As the report of the incident indicates the defendants PG&E failed to provide a timely response when the explosion occurred and did not manage to shut off the gas line for 95 minutes. The rupture caused serious structural damage to the community causing extensive damage leaving the San Bruno community looking like it was struck with bombs or was the scene out of a Hollywood movie. Funds will be paid by PG&E and will be held in a non-profit entity for the purpose distributing the funds. On September 9th, 2010 residents of the San Bruno community were rocked when the gas pipeline ruptured causing serious explosions that caused millions in injuries and 8 deaths. It was later determined by the National Transportation Safety Board that issued an independent report claiming that PG&E made serious mistakes when dealing with electrical problems and maintenance issues dealing with the gas pipeline. Although the settlement will not correct the negligence of PG&E it is a step in the right direction. The funds which will be paid out by PG&E will go towards the rebuilding of the infrastructure and other community healing programs
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