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Permanent Makeup Injury Lawsuit | Cosmetic Tattoo Attorney

Permanent Makeup Injury Lawsuit | Cosmetic Tattoo Attorney The application of permanent makeup has become an increasingly popular medical procedure amongst women in the United States. With the increase in popularity of permanent cosmetic makeup procedures many untrained or unlicensed practitioners have jumped on the bandwagon leading to disastrous results including infections, permanent injuries, and facial disfigurement.  You may be entitled to full restitution for you damages if you have sustained severe injuries resulting form the negligent application of permanent makeup tattoos. Filing a Lawsuit – How to Prove Negligence in the Court of Law: Proving negligence in the legal system required evidence of a breach of duty of care by the defendant which is the approximate and factual cause of the injuries sustained by the individual. In the matter of tattoo and permanent makeup injuries a plaintiff attorney will have to present evidence showing
  • The individual applying the tattoo was inexperienced, unlicensed, or unqualified.
  • The practitioner or tattoo artists use of unsterilized tools (or)
  • The use of defective pigments and tools during the procedure
The Personal Injury Attorneys at the Downtown LA Law Group will represent individuals who have sustained severe injuries due to the malpractice of cosmetologists, medical doctors, or other licensed individuals whose negligent actions resulted in grave damages. Common Injuries Resulting from the Negligent Application of Permanent Makeup:
  • Scarring resulting in permanent disfigurement
  • Swelling and Blistering
  • Serious Infections including Hepatitis C
Contacting and Attorney: Victims of severe injuries and scarring from the negligence application of permanent makeup are entitled to compensation for all their losses including current and future medical expenses, corrective medical procedure and surgeries, pain and suffering and punitive damages (where possible).  For a free consultation regarding your case contact us tool free (855)385-2529.


I have a permanent scare on my eye from the negligent application of permanent makeup. She claimed to be a professionally certified permanent makeup artist. She owns a salon and has insurance. I have since found out she has done this to others.


I have scaring on one side of my eye from eyebrow tattoo procedure.


I paid for microblading and that is not what I received. She admitted to me in a text that she didn’t perform microblading, but I have correspondence showing I made an appointment for microblading. I also now have a scar from her work.


I went in to get ombré am eyebrow tattoo and showed the pmu artist what I wanted & she confirmed she was able to do it after completion I found that she did not tattoo the shape correctly she applied the make up too dark and she seems to have scared me , by digging too Deep on top of all of this my eyebrows are uneven , I’m devastated .


I live in Seattle Wa. and of need of a lawyer and was wondering if you take out of state clients? I have an open claim with Lloyd’s of London.

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