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Not happy With Attorneys Settlement Offer for My Case: What Should I Do

Not happy With Attorneys Settlement Offer for My Case: What Should I Do In personal injury and accident cases many times clients find that they are not happy with the settlement presented to them by their personal injury attorney. In many cases clients feel frustrated and are unsure what their rights are. Here is a brief outline of what you are permitted to do if you are unsatisfied with your personal injury settlement and your rights.

Low offers, how they happen and what you can do?

A low offer is one which is below the value of your claim. For example if you have $7,000 in medical bills and the insurance company offers you $4,000 that is considered a low offer. Often times in such situations clients can find themselves having to pay for Dr. expenses out of pocket, which is something you really want to avoid. Low ball offers can happen because of a few factors. First, they will happen if the only course of treatment you have is a Chiropractic care. While this is not per se negative for your case, it can definitely hurt the value of your case. It is important that you have the proper medical management of your file. You should always make sure that a M.D. is seen for your treatment and that they set forth a proper course of treatment for your injuries. Second, low ball offers will occur when the attorney has a history or reputation of settling claims.  Insurance companies often times profile personal injury attorneys. They have very detailed databases that they use to profile attorneys. Factors such as whether they attorney has a frequency of settling claims or whether they file is recorded. This information is shared by the insurance companies and used as a factor in providing you a settlement offer. If the insurance company knows the attorney will not go to trial or will settle a case to a high frequency, then they will only offer a low amount. Generally if you are receiving a low ball offer it is for one of the reasons listed above. However, another possible reason can be medical management. If you were using your attorneys medical network provider system, then it is important that you understand how this process works in relation to your case. Dr.’s in such networks work on medical liens, however most attorneys only use chiropractic care, which will ultimately hurt the value of the case. Insurance companies will generally not consider chiropractic care along as sufficient. Instead you need to have additional types of levels of care. This can include pain management, orthopedic evaluation and primary care treatment. In certain cases these Dr.’s may recommend surgery or potentially other types of medical treatment for your injuries.

Can I Still Get a Better Offer?

Depending on which stage the case is in, it is possible for you to increase the value of your case. However, you will need to do a few things. First, it is likely that you will need to discharge or terminate your current relationship with your attorney. Often times the new attorney can do this with relative ease. Second, you may need to continue seeing other Dr.’s if you have not fully been treated. Finally you will need to potentially file a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit will likely prolong the case, however it will ensure a fair settlement for your injuries. If you are not happy with the offer presented by your current attorney, make sure you get a second opinion. Remember, in the end it is your case and you were the only party injured. Therefore, you are entitled to the maximum recovery presented under the law. Further Information: I Want to Fire my Attorney – What Can I Do Statute of Limitations Personal Injury Lawsuits


Last year my , drowned into sewage .my lawyer want to give me 50000 plus my cost was 23000 and he passed away


I am not happy with this Attorney he dont value my case are my situation i feel like he has a history of settling out cases with insurance companies often . i feel they have look into his profile and no that he will not fight for me just settle with the insurance company i have multiple injuries from falling at my job at the Ritz Carltion of Fort Lauderdale. it has


I was a passage of a car and got hit by a 18 wheeler and my Lawyer took 4000 dollars I’m anger what should I do


I was in a bus accident last year and l settled but l thought u can reopen the case,l am going to suffer a life time


I was injured in a Walmart afford to 500 lb metal cabinet fell on me I injured my right knee have trigger finger in my right thumb pelvic area to protruding disc in my left shoulder is injured because all of these weren’t documented my lawyer is suing for 99,000 and I am only getting 10,000 how does this work. The medical bills I’ve only seen one chiropractor from a previous attorney which was only $11,000 and the rest was on my own medical insurance where is all the money going to investigators Walmart gave up the information Medical Records I basically done to footwork and sent them an email them myself to the new attorney again where are my legal fees and how does this work

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