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Nexium Spine Fracture Lawsuit | Lawyer for Drug Injury Side Effects

Nexium Spine Fracture Lawsuit | Lawyer for Drug Injury Side Effects Nexium is a popular acid reflux drug. However what is beginning to occur with Nexium takers is serious bone deficiency issues. These issues include the loss of bone density or calcium, often causing sudden bone fragmentation or damage. In certain cases there is un-expected fractures in the spine or foot with no prior warning. To make matters worse many of these injuries are not likely to heal in a short period of time. In certain cases they may never heal correctly because of continued bone damage or bone density loss. In each case injured parties should seek legal counsel for their injuries. Form more information regarding Nexium Bone Fracture Lawsuits visit this page.

Sudden Spine Fracture and Nexium

Sudden spine fracture can occur from taking Nexium. This occurs when sudden bone loss exists in the spine causing fracture. Unlike other types of injuries spine fractures can have devastating consequences. Since these injuries can occur suddenly most victims are unsuspecting of the cause. Nexium along with protein pump inhibitors has the ability to reduce bone density of calcium. This bone deterioration or reduction is one of the key side effects of taking Nexium. This injury is particularly difficult for those of a young age who are exposed to Nexium. Sudden spine fractures and serious bone loss can occur in young adults form the age of 19-25. Prolonged use of Nexium in individuals of this age can destroy or proliferate the bone density. This will result long term damage to the spine. Additionally the sudden fractures can occur more than once.

Sudden Onset of Osteoporosis amongst Nexium Takers

Sudden osteoporosis is not an explainable medical condition. Generally it is believed that in order to have osteoporosis there needs to be  a past medical condition in your family. However, takers of Nexium have reported suddenly developing osteoporosis. This occurs because of long term exposure to a drug like Nexium. There has been a direct link between those who have taken Nexium in high doses for a prolonged period and bone deterioration. Bone loss occurs with protein pump inhibitors such as Nexium. While it is not certain how the bone loss occurs, each claimant will have a different interaction with the drug. There have been multiple lawsuits filed against Nexium manufacturer AstraZeneca alleging that the drug has caused bone damage or density loss. Through bone scanning it has been  determined that long term exposure to Nexium or protein pump inhibitors can cause bone degeneration. These symptoms are similar to advanced osteoporosis in certain plaintiffs.

Common Bone Fractures

Any type of sudden bone fracture can be linked to long term Nexium exposure. The most common types of injuries include.
  • Ankle or foot fractures- this can occur in almost any type of setting. In most cases we see ankle or foot fractures that occur while the individual was at work or engaged in a any type of physical activity. To make matters worse many injured parties are unaware that the injury was caused by taking Nexium. Instead many file a worker’s compensation claim which will limit the recovery possible. In most cases workers compensation benefits will not cover pain and suffering in your claim.
  • Spine fractures- this is one of the most devastating injuries caused by taking Nexium or protein pump inhibitors. A spine fracture can be painful and life altering. It can change the way you operate and can require multiple spine fusion/surgeries to repair. In certain cases it is not possible to change or redo the damage caused by spine fractures.
  • Bone density loss- generally bone density occurs in almost all people. However the use of Nexium or PPI’s can accelerate or increase the likelihood of this type of injury. Deterioration should not occur in people of a young age. Nexium use in large doses can inflict this type of irreversible damage. Unlike other types of injuries, there is no healing or correcting bone loss. It is almost impossible to return bone density to pre Nexium levels.
Knowing your rights in any type of litigation is important. If you feel you have suffered any of the above injuries from taking Nexium contact our offices for a free consultation. We will work to understand whether Nexium was the cause of your injury and aggressively pursue your right to compensation. Class Action v. Individual Claim for Nexium Joining a class action lawsuit is different than pursuing an independent claim for a number of reasons. For one a class action lawsuit joins all injured parties into one group and seeks compensation for your injuries. However, it does not consider your individual damages and needs. A claimant with multiple fractures in their body at a young age is more valuable than a minor fracture claim. Most class action lawsuits will not consider these types of factors. If you want isolated and independent consideration for your injuries you should consider pursuing a separate claim for injuries. Class action lawsuits are not ideal for every type of claim. Most claims should be pursued individually instead of pursuing a class action. Contact a Nexium lawsuit attorney for more information. Downtown L.A. Law is pursuing Nexium cases for victims. Contact us toll free for a no obligation consultation at 855-385-2529. More Information: Acid Reflux Antacid Medication and Bone Fractures Statute of Limitations for Filing a Nexium Lawsuit    


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