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New Hope for Toxic Mold Victims | NY Court Overturns Prior ruling

New Hope for Toxic Mold Victims | NY Court Overturns Prior ruling  

Attention: Our Law Firm No Longer Represents Victims of Toxic Mold – We Will Not Be Accepting Any New Claims

New hope may be found for victims of toxic mold or harm caused by mold. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, a New York court overturned a former decision which prevented bringing suit for victims. New York’s appellate court reversed a former ruling, which denied recovery due to lack of scientific evidence. Prior to the new decision victims were not able to bring a cause of action for exposure to mold in apartment buildings or homes, unless they could show to a substantial certainty that there was causal connection. Victims were left without recovery even though they were certain that mold contact was made. r This new precedent can bring hope to many victims who suffer from mold injuries. While many attorneys worry that this new legislation will increase insurance cost, they fail to realize an important and fundamental fact, which is the rights of the victims. Victims who have long suffered exposure to toxic mold in apartment buildings, condos or other residential or commercial destinations can now have legal re-course. Mold can grow in damp or wet areas including in, dry wall or sheet-rock, wallpaper glue, wood or other materials or substances. Mold exposure can have prolonged health impacts including asthma and other more serious conditions. Prior to the New York courts decision mold exposure cases were difficult to show and many attorney failed to participate or take cases for fear of not meeting the requisite standards for demonstrating injury caused by mold. The precedent setting Fraser decision required a strong scientific connection between mold spores and the illness caused. If you have been injured in a mold related injury and feel that your injuries are related to exposure to toxic mold in a apartment or residential building contact our offices for a free consultation with one of our California Personal Injury Lawyers.  (855) 385-2529
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