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Montebello Bus Falls Onto Freeway 110 in Downtown LA

Montebello Bus Falls Onto Freeway 110 in Downtown LA A few minute before 8:00 AM on Friday Morning a Montebello Bus Line careened over the side of the freeway on ramp and crashed into the 110 freeway.  According to Los Angeles Fire department and first responders on the scene of the accident there were no passengers onboard the city bus. The bus apparently “broke down” while on rout” on the fifth street bridge in Downtown Los Angeles. According to reports the buses break failed to operate; the bus driver quickly realized the problem and jumped out of the vehicle before the bus feel off the bridge.  The bus plunged 40 feet into the 110. This was the second bus accident which took place in the Downtown area; the first one having taken place on Broadway Street which ended up injuring 8 bus passengers on board. The fact that the bus did not land on any other cars on the 110 freeway was an extremely lucky turn of events.   An official with the Metro Bus services stated, “In 22 years I’ve never experienced something like that.”
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