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Massage Therapy Resulting in Injury – Lawsuit Information

Individuals pay for therapeutic massage treatments to alleviate back pain, joint discomforts and other physical and emotional aches. However in many instances such individuals aggravate their pre-existing injuries and or suffer new medical complications due to the negligent malpractice of practicing massage therapists. Victims of massage therapy injuries can file a lawsuit against massage parlors, therapist as well as owners and operators of health spas, gyms and other facilities conducting massages. Our law firm is proud to represent victims of personal injury; our goal is to see to it that our clients receive the maximum level of compensation possible. Types of massage therapies with the highest probability of resulting in significant injury to clients include
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Thai massage – walking on the back of the patient during the procedure
  • Hilot massage – developed from techniques in the Philippines
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Sports and athletic massages
  • Cranial therapy
  • Physical therapist based massages and pain management bases treatments
Faulty Practice Resulting in Severe Injuries: There can be several causes of injuries to individuals who undergo massage therapy including  (1) the failure to provide for sanitary massage chairs and beds, (2) Failure to adequately train and supervise, (3) Defective or improperly maintained equipment, (4) Failure to ask for the individuals medical history or provide for a full pre-massage evaluation. Wining Your Case in the Court of Law: Liability is established when the action of the massage parlor falls below the level of care established by the professions. There are several steps which have to be shown in order to prove your case in the court of law.
  • The massage parlor and massage therapist owed a general duty of care to the client.
  • The duty of care was breached – this can be as a result of the failure to massage in a proper fashion or take steps to insure the clients safety.
  • Breach of a duty of care results in significant injury to the individual. Injuries can include spinal cord damage, bulging and herniated disc fractures, broken or fractures bones, and infections such as hepatitis C.
Compensation Available for Victims of Injury Cause: Under personal injury laws victims of personal injury are entitled financial recovery from all at fault parties for all damages incurred. A list of damages recoverable in personal injury case include…
  • All physical damage resulting in medical and hospitalization expenses.
  • Lost wages and loss of future income capacity as a result of continuing long term or permanent injuries.
  • Pain and suffering including emotional distress.
Free Consultation Available for Victims: Our attorneys provide private confidential case evaluations free of charge. If you have any legal questions feel free to contact our law offices toll free (855) 339-8879.

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