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Marijuana Dispensaries, Grow it or Close It

Marijuana Dispensaries, Grow it or Close It

Is Marijuana Medicine?

California courts recently ruled that marijuana collective dispensaries are now legal and cannot be regulated by city ordinances. While the courts have ruled that the former city ordinances and regulations are invalid regulations, they did stipulate that dispensaries will be required to actually grow the marijuana sold. This new regulatory action in California Drug Laws poses a new dilemma and further diminishes the earning capacity of what is otherwise considered a legitimate operation. While economic regulations are not given the greatest amount of deference before imposing sanctions, this new round of regulation is simply excessive. As it stands owners and operators of marijuana collectives or co-operatives suffer discriminatory and often predatory terms from landlords. Many are forced to operate out of small and over priced spaces often being subjected to “take-it-or-leave-it” terms in the rental agreement. While the primary purpose of such operations are monetary it is important for law makers and others to consider the secondary and collateral benefits. Many cancer survivors or those who suffer from other debilitating medical conditions are given comforting treatment by the services provided by these establishments. While regulation is indeed required to avoid influence by outside criminal elements, it should not impose an undue burden on those seeking to receive the benefits. Lawmakers need to consider the long term consequences of imposing such harsh sanctions. Even though the recent ruling is a step in the right direction more is needed.
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