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Another Teacher in Los Angeles Unified School District Fired

Sadly another teacher has been removed from Miramonte Elementary School this week.  According to the Los Angles Sheriff department the monster disguised as a teacher was a 49 year old my the Name of Martin Springer.  Mr. Springer, was arrested on Friday before noon by special investigators of the LAPD.    This arrest is the second such arrest this week.  The first one Mark Berndt has been charged with child molestation.  He worked for the school for 30 years and has also been charged with committing lewd acts on dozens of children.  These kids, our most prized, were at the tender age or 6 to 10 years of age, and often unaware what was happening to them. How to protect our school kids from predator teachers.  It is important to have communication with your kids, always talk to them and have them explain to you everything that went on in there day including that the teacher did.   If your child has been molested or abused in any way immediately contact the Police and Proper Authorities.   Then seek out a personal injury attorney that will fight for you and make sure that the monster and those that enabled his conduct to pay for what they have done. Often school administrators and principles and the LAUD knew of should have known that the abusing teacher was acting in such a criminal matter.   A  Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer will make sure they pay for what they have done.
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