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Does Your Robot Know How to Poop?

Does Your Robot Know How to Poop? By: Downtown LA Law  

Robots that Poop

We’ve all seen that lazy, annoying neighbor that loves to let his dog poop all over your lawn. Most of the time, these owners simply ignore the feces their pets leave behind and leave the mess to the disgruntled owner. Well, soon owners may have a new pet to clean up after: Robots   The crazy researchers from Bristol Robotics Laboratory in England have developed a robot that runs on food and water, digest it, then lets it out like regular human beings. While this may at first glance seem like a worthless endeavor, scientist hope that such technology would foster technology that would breed alternative energy sources. Specifically, everyday items such as food, water, plants and even feces. As John Greeman, a Microbiologist from Bristol states, “There is organic matter anywhere on Earth — leaves and soil in the forest, or even human waste such as urine and feces.” Quite funny.   Although, such technology does not come without drawbacks. Previous similar models which fed off the E. Coli bacteria would eventually become toxic from their own filth. In an everyday world, this would lead to tons of product defect issues. Hopefully, scientist have learned how to clean up this robot poo.
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